100 Women in Cycling 2023

  • Aileen_McGlynn_at_the_Olympic_Victory_Parade.jpg
    Sporting hero

    Aileen McGlynn

    Paralympic tandem champion cyclist
  • Aisling Charlesworth (2).jpg
    Sporting hero

    Aisling Charlesworth

    U12 and U14 circuit champion for Wales and cyclocross racer
  • Alex Aiken (1).jpg
    Community champion

    Alex Aiken

    Ride leader and Breeze area coordinator for North & Mid Wales
  • Alison Holland (1).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Alison Holland

    Active travel consultant and local community organiser
  • Alison Lewis (4).jpg
    Community champion

    Alison Lewis

    Cycling coach, volunteer for Sustrans
  • Alison Stenning (1).jpg
    Community champion

    Alison Stenning

    Local campaigner, researcher and writer
  • Amy Hudson (04).png
    Cycle influencer

    Amy Hudson

    Instagram and YouTube influencer
  • Amy Marks (1).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Amy Marks

    Marketing manager at Parcours, elite racer and mentor
  • Ann Ferris (1).jpg
    Community champion

    Ann Ferris

    Ride leader for Penge CC and Breeze champion
  • Anna Riddell (1).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Anna Riddell

    Founder of RideOut coaching and Limitlass MTB Festival
  • Annette Cormack (01).png
    Community champion

    Annette Cormack

    Founder of Community Recycle Cycles
  • Asha Gwatkin.jpg
    Community champion

    Asha Gwatkin

    Bikeability instructor with Life Cycle
  • Beccy Marston (3).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Beccy Marston

    Head of projects at See.Sense
  • Bianca Fernandez (1).JPG
    Community champion

    Bianca Fernandez

    Chair of Women of Colour Cycling Collective, ride leader
  • Bridie Barnett (1)_credit Katie Noble.jpg
    Community champion

    Bridie Barnett

    Kidical Mass organiser, local campaigner
  • Cath Palgrave (1).jpg
    Community champion

    Cath Palgrave

    Bike mechanic and lead cycling instructor for The Bike Project
  • Catherine Dunn (1).jpg
    Cycle influencer

    Catherine Dunn

    Filmmaker, founder of The Alternative Film House
  • Caz Conneller (2).PNG
    Industry mogul

    Caz Conneller

    Founder of CycleChic and She’s Electric, writer and influencer
  • Charlotte Broughton (1).jpg
    Sporting hero

    Charlotte Broughton

    British road cyclist for AWOL O’Shea, freelance writer
  • Christine Fisher (2).JPG
    Community champion

    Christine Fisher

    Accessible cycling advocate
  • Cicely Lloyd (1).jpg
    Community champion

    Cicely Lloyd

    Founder of Brighton Multicultural Women’s Cycle Club
  • Corrinna Silver (04).jpg
    Community champion

    Corrinna Silver

    Bikeability instructor and active travel promotor
  • Deb John (2).jpg
    Cycle influencer

    Deborah John

    Co-founder and race director for Cold Dark North
  • Demi Vollering (1).jpg
    Sporting hero

    Demi Vollering

    Professional racing cyclist, Tour de France winner 2023
  • Diane Clayton (2).jpg
    Community champion

    Diane Clayton

    Club ride leader and head coach, board member at Scottish Cycling
  • Diane McIver (2).jpg
    Community champion

    Diane Maciver

    Co-founder and ride leader at Elgin CC ladies’ group
  • Emily Ryder (01).png
    Community champion

    Dr Emily Ryder

    Programme manager for behaviour change projects in Scotland
  • Fiona Spotswood (1).jpeg
    Cycle influencer

    Dr Fiona Spotswood

    Researcher specialised in inequality in sport
  • Eileen Sheridan
    Sporting hero

    Eileen Sheridan

    Record breaking legendary cyclist the ‘Mighty Atom’
  • Eilidh Murray (02).png
    Community champion

    Eilidh Murray

    London Cycling Campaign trustee & Women’s Network coordinator
  • Elisabetta Motta (1).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Elisabetta Motta

    Women's Cycling Development Officer
  • Emily Williams (02).jpg
    Cycle influencer

    Emily Williams

    Scotland's first ever bicycle mayor in Inverness
  • Fatima Patel (01).jpg
    Community champion

    Fatima Patel

    Ride leader and group coordinator
  • Fiona Finnie (3).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Fiona Finnie

    Co-founder of the women's mountain bike festival Limitlass
  • Georgina Tucker (2).jpg
    Community champion

    Georgina Tucker

    Founder of the Cycle Sistas in Worcester
  • Gönül Ekmekçi Tekin (1).jpg
    Community champion

    Gönül Ekmekçi Tekin

    Ride leader and marshal
  • Greta Rafi McMillan.jpg
    Cycle influencer

    Greta Rafi McMillan

    Award-winning film maker and cycling champion
  • Hanna Ahmed (01).jpg
    Community champion

    Hanna Ahmed

    Director, instructor, ride leader and mentor
  • Hannah Knox (02).jpeg
    Community champion

    Hannah Knox

    Co-developer of NHS cycle programme pedal for progress
  • Heidi Barker (01).jpg
    Cycle influencer

    Heidi Barker

    Charity fundraiser and cycling inspiration
  • Helen Hemstock (01).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Helen Hemstock

    Ridewise CEO and Nottingham Cycling and Walking Group chair
  • Humira Shahzad (02).png
    Community champion

    Humira Shahzad

    Ride leader at Redbridge CycleSisters group
  • Iffat Tejani (01).jpg
    Community champion

    Iffat Tejani

    Founder of Evolve Cycling Network
  • Jasmin Patel (02).jpg
    Community champion

    Jasmin Patel

    Co-founder of the MTB Colour Collective
  • Jaz Morse (01).jpg
    Community champion

    Jaz Morse

    Creator of a bike donation scheme for asylum seekers
  • Jean Breakell (02).jpg
    Community champion

    Jean Breakell

    Ride leader and volunteer for Cycling 4 All Shropshire
  • Jenny Bolsom (1).jpg
    Sporting hero

    Jenny Bolsom

    Manager of Saint Piran Women’s Race Team
  • Jo Lankester (01).jpg
    Community champion

    Jo Lankester

    Ride leader and cycling group committee member
  • Jo Shwe (01) credit @baybutt.jpg
    Community champion

    Jo Shwe

    Colour Collective co-founder & Trash Free Trails ambassador
  • Jodie Brumhead (01).jpg
    Community champion

    Jodie Brumhead

    MTB ride leader
  • Kadeena Cox
    Sporting hero

    Kadeena Cox OBE

    Paralympic and world champion in track cycling
  • Karla Williams (1).JPG
    Community champion

    Karla Williams

    Co-owner of the Aeonian Race Team
  • Kate Auld
    Industry mogul

    Kate Auld

    Confidence-inspiring cycle coach, volunteer and writer
  • Kate Osborne.jpg
    Industry mogul

    Kate Osborne

    Marketing manager at navigation device manufacturer Beeline
  • Kate O'Callaghan (02).jpg
    Community champion

    Kate O’Callaghan

    Mountain biker and ambassador for Wonderful Wild Women
  • Kate Strong
    Cycle influencer

    Kate Strong

    Triathlon champion, leadership coach and climate activist
  • Kath Lyons (2)
    Sporting hero

    Kath Lyons

    78-year-old LEJOG club cyclist
  • Katie Collier (2).JPG
    Community champion

    Katie Collier

    Community Campaigner and active travel champion
  • Katie May (01).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Katie May

    Enduro racer, MTB leader and women’s festival co-founder
  • Katie Noble (02).jpg
    Community champion

    Katie Noble

    Founder of Inverness Kidical Mass and Bikeability instructor
  • Katy Curd (1).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Katy Curd

    Former World Cup Downhill and 4X racer turned MTB coach
  • Kay Inckle.jpg
    Industry mogul

    Kay Inckle

    Campaigns and policy manager for Wheels for Wellbeing
  • Kelly-Jayne Collinge (1).jpg
    Community champion

    Kelly-Jayne Collinge

    Ride leader, community enabler and rad mum
  • Kerry MacPhee (3).jpg
    Sporting hero

    Kerry MacPhee

    Pro mountain biker and promotor of cycling for everybody
  • Kerry Wilson (03).jpg
    Sporting hero

    Kerry Wilson

    Champion downhill and enduro mountain biker
  • Kirsteen Ross (01).jpg
    Community champion

    Kirsteen Ross

    Kinross-shire Trishaws founder and Breeze ride leader
  • Krysia Solheim.jpg
    Industry mogul

    Krysia Solheim

    Global account director at e-bike rental company Zoomo
  • Laura Di Giacomo.jpg
    Community champion

    Laura Di Giacomo

    Oxford-based Active Travel Champion and Bikeability instructor
  • Leanne Whitehead.jpg
    Community champion

    Leanne Whitehead

    Mountain bike ride leader and cycling coach
  • Lorna Breetzke (03).jpg
    Community champion

    Lorna Breetzke

    Co-founder of Elgin CC Ladies and multidiscipline racer
  • Lucy Poulden (1).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Lucy Poulden

    Founder of You See Lucy, creating women’s cycling kit
  • Lynn Bye (01).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Lynn Bye

    Fat Lad at the Back co-founder for size-inclusive cycle kit
  • Manon Lloyd (01).jpg
    Cycle influencer

    Manon Lloyd

    Former pro track and road cyclist, now a GCN presenter
  • Marjan van de Weg (01).jpg
    Community champion

    Marjan van de Weg

    Board member for Bikes for Refugees Scotland
  • Mary Emerson-Reed (4).jpg
    Community champion

    Mary Emerson-Reed

    Ride leader and club treasurer
  • Mavis Paterson (1).jpg
    Community champion

    Mavis Paterson

    Guiness-record holder, challenge cyclist and fundraiser
  • Meg Hoyt (1).jpg
    Community champion

    Meg Hoyt

    Belfast Cycle Campaign co-founder
  • Nahida Hussain (01).jpg
    Community champion

    Nahida Hussain

    Cycle Sisters ride leader
  • Olivia Smallshaw (01).jpg
    Cycle influencer

    Olivia Smallshaw

    13-year-old rider, racer and fundraiser
  • Ottilie Quince (03)
    Cycle influencer

    Ottilie Quince

    Cycling gold medallist, bike shop owner and sports therapist
  • Ozge Aksakal (2).jpg
    Community champion

    Ozge Aksakal

    Cycle instructor with Londra Bisiklet Kulubu
  • Petra Wiltshire 5.jpg
    Sporting hero

    Petra Wiltshire

    Former pro and world champion downhill mountain bike racer
  • Philippa Cochrane (06).jpg
    Community champion

    Philippa Cochrane

    Breeze champion and trainer of children and adults to ride
  • Rachael Burnside (3).jpg
    Cycle influencer

    Rachael Burnside

    Business and marketing director at SHIFT Active Media
  • Rachael Wigginton.jpg
    Community champion

    Rachael Wigginton

    Cycling campaigner, Cycling Advocacy Network representative
  • Rachel Tripp (2).jpg
    Cycle influencer

    Rachel Tripp

    Local councillor, London Borough of Newham
  • Renata Guimaraes (03)
    Community champion

    Renata Guimaraes

    Breeze champion
  • Rosemary Hill (05)
    Community champion

    Rosemary Hill

    Project coordinator with Sheffield Cycling 4 All
  • Rosie Baxendine
    Industry mogul

    Rosie Baxendine

    Bikepacking guide, ride leader, Bikeability trainer
  • Sabeha Miah-Credit Sonny Malhotra (4).jpg
    Community champion

    Sabeha Miah

    Project manager at Cycle Sisters Tower Hamlets
  • Samantha Saskia Dugon (13)
    Industry mogul

    Samantha Saskia Dugon

    Cycling photographer and filmmaker
  • Sara Ramsey (1).jpg
    Community champion

    Sara Ramsey

    Founder and organiser of Kidical Mass North, Inverness
  • Sarah King (3).jpg
    Community champion

    Sarah King

    Team manager of women’s road cycling team London Academy
  • Community champion

    Sarah Tomlin

    Ride leader and coordinator with JoyRiders
  • Sheridan Piggott
    Industry mogul

    Sheridan Piggott

    Programme manager for York Bike Belles CIC
  • Sophie Bujdoso (2).jpg
    Industry mogul

    Sophie Bujdoso

    CEO of cycle training and maintenance company B-Buddies
  • Susanna Thornton.jpeg
    Cycle influencer

    Susanna Thornton

    YouTube filmmaker
  • Tina Makin
    Industry mogul

    Tina Makin

    Founder of bespoke cycling events company Pie Events
  • Vicky Mathwin
    Community champion

    Vicky Mathwin

    Founder of inclusive women’s cycling group Queensbury Queens of the Mountain
  • Victoria Hazael
    Cycle influencer

    Victoria Hazael

    Cycling comms expert who launched 100 Women in Cycling