Corporate Partners

Our mission is to enable a million more people to cycle across the UK. Your company can change lives through cycling by promoting, or sponsoring our events, campaigns and projects.

As we learn to live in a post-pandemic world, the past few years has highlighted what we and many of our partners already knew; the bike is the perfect way for people to get more active, improve their mental health and reduce their sense of isolation.  

The huge increase in people cycling since March 2020 means there are millions more people who are hungry for inspiration, advice and kit to get on their bikes.  

We are actively seeking strategic corporate partners from across the cycling industry and beyond. We want to work with companies who share our mission to get a million more people to cycle. We can support companies to reach cycling audiences and grow their brand and business by supporting our amazing events, online presence, and communications to members and projects.   

Sponsoring and promoting our activities  

We have a wide range of activities and events throughout the year to raise the profile of cycling and encourage more people to cycle. These include Bike Week and 100 Women in Cycling. Partners often promote these to their audiences to enhance their customer relationships and can also choose to sponsor either the whole event or elements of it to allow them to reach our audience.  

Our magazine, Cycle, is the most widely read cycle magazine in the UK with a distribution of over 80,000. Partners can advertise directly in the magazine, or sponsor different features, with accompanying online and e-mail coverage, for example our popular ‘Great Rides’ features or Q&A pages.  

We have a host of other initiatives, including thousands of routes across the UK and a geotag-style cycle challenge ‘British Cycle Quest’ that would provide great content to partners, and allow us to reach new audiences. 

Download the Cycle magazine media pack for more information.  

Providing benefits to our members 

Many of our partners provide excellent benefits to our 70,000 loyal members. This can range from discounts, to special offers, prizes for our annual Prize Draw or unique content.  

We can provide unique codes to partners so they can track take-up and regularly feature benefits partners in our magazine, weekly e-newsletter and on our social media feeds.   

Supporting campaigns and co-creating content  

We love to explore innovative ways we can use our incredible expertise in all things cycling to co-create new projects and campaigns with partners who can help us get the message out to new audiences .  

In 2019 we partnered with Uber to highlight the dangers of car-dooring. We created an innovative set of hard-hitting virtual reality and 2D films to show at events and to learner drivers demonstrating how easy it is to open a car door in a cyclist’s path and cause an accident.   

Uber promoted the films to their millions of customers through their app and also introduced a ‘watch out for bikes’ feature for passengers arriving at roads busy with cyclists. A combination of our expertise and Uber’s unparalleled reach to drivers and passengers allowed us together to raise awareness and prevent accidents across the country. The campaign won the BikeBiz cycle advocacy award.

In 2020 we partnered with Brompton to mobilise cyclists across the country to persuade the government and local authorities to create temporary cycle infrastructure to allow more cycling during lockdown. Over 8,000 cyclists took part, with dozens of local areas developing plans to develop new infrastructure, and the government recently announced an additional £250m of funding to do even more.

How to get in touch  

We are actively seeking to develop new partnerships with companies from the cycling trade and beyond to support the millions of new cyclists out on the roads during the coronavirus crisis. We would love to hear from you if you think we could work together to bring your company benefits and increase our reach and impact across the country.  

For more information, please contact Felix Hilton or Tamsin Barrett.