Essential cycle maintenance advice

Carrying out repairs on your cycle might at first seem daunting, but learning a few simple maintenance checks will ensure a safe and comfortable ride and will extend the life of the bike. Cycling UK has a range of how to videos and guides to get you started

A puncture, squeaky brakes or a broken chain are all things most cyclists will experience at some point. A local bike mechanic will happily fix any of these – and any number of other problems – but these repairs are simple to do and easy to learn, with the right instructions.  

There are also some routine maintenance checks that anyone can carry out before getting on their bicycle that will keep the bike roadworthy for longer. It’ll save you both time and money if you don’t have to run to the bike shop every time something goes wrong! 

We’ve put together a series of videos, how-to guides and downloadable PDFs so you can learn the essential maintenance skills to keep your cycle in tip-top condition. 

Simple tips to keep your bike in shape

Big Bike Revival

The Big Bike Revival is an England-wide programme funded by the Department for Transport and supported by local authorities. If offers a programme of free events and services to enable people to start or continue cycling. These include many maintenance skills courses and cycle fixing sessions and classes, which are delivered by local community organisations and open to all.

You can learn more about fixing your bike, or have a trained professional take a look at it.


Bike shops and workshops across the UK offer courses and special events where you can learn more about fixing your bicycle. There are also ‘bike kitchens’ and drop-in sessions where you can fix your bike – these are especially useful for those without space or specialist tools.

Head over to our Events pages to find one near you. You’ll also find a range of organised rides suitable for everyone from beginner riders to the most experienced, so you can share your new-found skills with like-minded people.


Take your skills to the next level with a Cycling UK maintenance course. We offer two courses where you can learn everything you need to keep your bike in top condition: Basic and Trail Side Maintenance, in which you’ll learn the skills you need to fix the most common problems that occur during the course of a ride, and Advanced Maintenance, which covers more challenging and technical maintenance topics.

In addition, Cycling UK offers a range of courses on how to lead on- and off-road rides, basic first aid and safe working practice.