Big Bike Revival

Big Bike Revival
Big Bike Revival

Big Bike Revival

Helping you unlock the joy of cycling

Events run from 5 May to 28 July

What is Big Bike Revival?
A programme of events with a common focus

Few things in life are better than a cycle ride, whether it’s to visit friends, a daily commute or a trip into the countryside.

The Big Bike Revival has been running for four years to inspire the 42% of people who own bikes, but who don’t cycle, to start riding. With events across England and Scotland, people attending benefit from free cycle checks, servicing, cycle maintenance workshops, cycle training and accompanied rides.

In 2017, we reached more than 64,000 people who attended in excess of 1,900 free events across six weeks. We fixed more than 1,600 bikes and created around 37,000 new cycle trips.

And around 18,500 people started cycling more regularly after taking part in a Big Bike Revival event, meaning more journeys were made by bike and people felt safer cycling.

The Big Bike Revival not only increased the number of trips made by bike, but it improved the perception of safety by providing training and support.

Big Bike Revival free events:
  • Bike check-ups
  • Maintenance workshops
  • Puncture repair workshops
  • Learn to ride sessions
  • Cycle skills coaching and practice
  • Led bike rides (5, 10 & 20 miles)
  • Social events
The problem
Have bike, won’t travel

The benefits of cycling are proven by scientific fact, but too few of us are using our bikes.

Cycling is excellent exercise, improving mental and physical health, and fits into our daily routines more easily than other forms of exercise because it doubles up as transport, either to work, school or the shops.

And yet only 17% of people in Britain cycle at least once a week, even though around 25 million of us own a bike.

Often a lack of money or mechanical knowledge are given as reasons why people don’t cycle, as well as a lack of confidence and fears about safety.

  • 42% of people own a bicycle
  • 63% of people have not cycled in the last year
  • 37% of adults use a car for shorter trips that could be made by bike
The solution
Breaking down barriers to cycling

The award-winning Big Bike Revival project, funded by the Department for Transport and Transport Scotland, has been running since 2015 to break down the barriers to cycling that many people face.

We know that many people own bikes, but don’t use them regularly.

Through free events across England and Scotland, the Big Bike Revival provides education, training, practice sessions and workshops on bike mechanics, safe riding, and bike handling skills, to boost people’s confidence and show them a viable, healthy and cost-effective form of transport.

It also offers an opportunity to donate an old bike – or buy a recycled one, take part in a led ride and obtain advice on cycle routes, clubs and activities.

Events aim to educate, empower and provide opportunities to:
  • Carry out basic maintenance and repairs, such as fixing a puncture
  • Cycle safely on and off road, on a safe bike
  • Donate an old bike or buy a recycled one
  • Brush up on cycle handling skills
  • Understand how to proper set up your bike
  • Obtain advice about cycle routes, clubs and activities
Register your event

If you're taking part in Big Bike Revival its easy to register your events.  

Firstly, you will need to create an account on the Cycling UK's website (if you haven't got one already) and log in - then click the link below. 

If you are a member of a group we recommend you register your events via your club page. Scroll down your club page, find 'create content' and select the 'create ride' option.   

Remember to select 'Big Bike Revival Event' (under type) for all your events and they will appear in our list above as part of the programme for 2018!   


Register your Big Bike Revival Event

Here’s how England / Scotland did in 2017!

Here’s the results for England

Here’s the results for Scotland

Featured case study

Overcoming homelessness through the Big Bike Revival

Stuart Taylor had been an aerospace engineer for 30 years, but after a divorce and a descent into alcoholism, he found himself homeless.

But using his aptitude for mechanical work, he became involved with the New Life Cycle Project which is part-funded by the Big Bike Revival.

Stuart is now a qualified cycle mechanic and has become responsible for generating income for the New Life Cycle project to help it continue and grow.

"These bikes are unwanted and on the scrapheap. It’s the same with bikes as it is with the people.

"They might think they are written off in their minds, but with a little tender loving care, a little know how and a shoulder to cry on…we can get everyone moving in the right direction again."

Further information

For more information contact the Big Bike Revival team in England on and in Scotland on
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