Apply for grant funding to deliver Big Bike Revival

Grant applications are now open for our summer intervention

The Big Bike Revival is an intervention for adults aimed at encouraging an uptake in cycling. By providing solutions to perceived barriers, adults are enabled to learn to how to cycle and to increase their cycling levels for short, everyday journeys. Events focus on presenting cycling as a practical, normal and habitual way to get around locally.

The Big Bike Revival is delivered across England by a wide range of community-embedded partners who understand the local need. An extensive programme of FREE events offering services that fix bikes, teach skills and lead rides, motivate adults to either start or return to cycling. Social and inclusive activities help adults of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to discover the joys of cycling and help make cycling become a normal travel option.


The programme delivers three types of event based on the FIX-LEARN-RIDE model.

  • Fix events – offer basic services to repair cycles and provide essential checks to ensure cycles are safe to ride
  • Learn events – offer instruction, training or skills for adults to learn to maintain or repair their cycle or learn cycle skills to help them feel safer when cycling
  • Ride events – offer led rides for adults to practise cycling locally, build confidence and learn new routes in a social environment

National scope, local impact

BBR Aims and Objectives

The programme is funded by Active Travel England and the UK Government. We partner with a wide range of not-for-profit groups, volunteer-led organisations and local initiatives, and the reasons for expressing an interest to deliver the programme are broad and varied. If you are interested, we would be delighted to hear from you.  

Grant applications 2024

Grant funding applications are now open for summer 2024 delivery.

Who is the target audience?

The Big Bike Revival programme is for adults returning to cycling, complete beginners or those cycling non-regularly. In other words, it’s for adults who do not cycle on a regular basis, which generally means cycling once a month or less.

It’s also all about engaging adults with social, economic and health needs; those from diverse backgrounds; or facing multiple challenges.

Meet our Cycling Heroes who have benefited from the Big Bike Revival programme.

Who can apply?

Delivery partners are typically volunteer-led groups, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises that are rooted in local communities and working to address a range of local needs.

They are experienced in engaging with non-regular cyclists and people in need in terms of social, economic and health deprivation.

We welcome applicants from delivery partners based anywhere in England, with the exception of London.

What events do I need to deliver?

Our FIX-LEARN-RIDE events model is evidence based; the three pillars represent the types of events that typically encourage people to change their behaviour and cycle more.

Our one-page event quick guides are based on: fixing bikes, teaching cycle and maintenance skills, and taking people on led bike rides on local routes. Use these to help you plan events that predominantly focus on learning and riding opportunities.

This summer, we’re calling delivery partners to action to help shape the delivery of events with creative ideas, to deliver the model and add your valuable expertise to shape events of your choice.

Contact your cycling development officer to discuss your events plan further.

How to apply

Grant funding applications for summer 2024 are open from Monday 4 March until Monday 25 June 2024.

To understand what’s expected, before applying we recommend applicants consult the FAQs, read the application guidance and consult the T&Cs. Or, find out more from our team of cycling development officers or the central Big Bike Revival team

Sarah CheadleKent
Michelle SmithWest Midlands – Black Country
Ellen HolmesGreater Manchester
Nadeem ShanSheffield
Vanessa MorrisWest Midlands Birmingham
Magdalena CichockaLiverpool City region
Sarah IbbotsonWest Yorkshire
Lauren BakerEast Midlands
Laura HowarthNorth-West
Chris TysonSouth-East and South-West 
Ian SmallEast Anglia

Grant application process

How much can we apply for? What about insurance? When does it have to be completed? What training will we get? Answers to these and more in our Big Bike Revival frequently asked questions.