Bike Week 2024

In 2024, Bike Week, the UK’s biggest awareness-raising event for cycling, takes place 10-16 June. This year’s theme is be a #BikeHero – read on to find out how to take part

What is Bike Week?

Bike Week is the UK’s biggest awareness-raising moment of the year for cycling and a chance to celebrate. It’s a time to remind ourselves of all the positives that riding a bike can bring, both to our own health and wellbeing, as well as the wider impacts on our communities and the planet.

This year, Cycling UK wants to celebrate cycling as a force for good. We want to celebrate all those who cycle and encourage and enable more cycling, as we know that when more people cycle, we all become happier, healthier, greener and more connected.

An infographic showing how to be a bike hero, with information on how you save the planet, save money and save your stress levels.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved and support us

Let everyone know it’s #BikeWeekUK

Inspire others to take part by sharing Bike Week and your Bike Heroes online. Remember to use the hashtags #BikeWeekUK and #BikeHero.

Get on your bike!

  • Replace a short local you’d normally make by car
  • Take the kids out for a bike ride – perhaps even cycle to school
  • Encourage friends to join you on a ride
  • Join a Bike Week event in your local area – check for events close by
  • Inspire others, post a selfie, or pictures of your bike ride or journey on social media. Use the hashtags #BikeWeekUK and #BikeHero

Champion cycling in the workplace

  • Host a bike breakfast or reward day
    A popular activity for Bike Week is to host a bike breakfast. Reward those who ride to work during Bike Week with a special welcome meal. Or, for those who work remotely gift them an hour to go for a Bike Week ride locally. Add some fun by asking participants to share a selfie on social channels and your internal comms channels using the hashtags #BikeWeek and #BikeHero
  • Promote your cycling offers
    Remind staff of any workplace support you have for cycling. Use it as an opportunity to showcase your Cycle Friendly Employer accreditation or Cycle to Work scheme. Why not book a Dr Bike session to check people’s bikes are in working order, invite a local bike shop in or even your Cycle to Work scheme representative to talk about what’s available
  • Buddy scheme
    People who haven’t cycled to work before may feel anxious about doing it for the first time. Show them how wonderful cycling to work can be, by creating a buddy scheme during Bike Week. By sharing knowledge on the best routes and making the most of the ride to work, staff are much more likely to make the switch to cycling. Find someone who doesn’t regularly commute by bike and join them on the journey – if you have a group of cyclists, you could start a bike bus to accompany those who are less confident

Support our vision to create happier, healthier and greener lives through cycling

Share our new bold vision during Bike Week!

As a charity, we want to collaborate and partner with as many people and organisations as we can to make the greatest possible impact on people’s lives. Sharing our new vision will help to champion cycling as a force for good.

Register your Bike Week event

Cycling UK member and affiliated groups can register their Bike Week events via their dedicated group pages. Group admins should login to their account and register the event as normal, making sure to select ‘Bike Week’ as the ‘Event series’ under ‘Event details’.

If you’re unsure how to register your event, read the guide below.

Individual rides don’t need to be registered.


FREE insurance for Bike Week

You can ride with peace of mind this Bike Week as Cycling UK partner Yellow Jersey is offering a week’s free Essentials Bicycle Insurance. The package is designed for individuals and families who enjoy cycling mainly as a leisure activity, or for daily errands and commuting.

Bike Week insurance will cover one bike with a value up to £1,500 between 10 June and 16 June 2024. Cover will also include theft, accidental damage, public liability, £250 accessories, dental and physio cover and permanent injury. The public liability covers up to £2m so if you’re involved with a vehicle or person you will be covered. And so you’re not left out of pocket, there is zero excess to pay on third-party claims.

For more information and to claim your free insurance, simply register with Yellow Jersey.

Insurance for one-off group events for Bike Week is provided by our partner Butterworth Spengler Insurance Brokers. Read our guidance notes for further information.

Who are your Bike Heroes?

Who has inspired you to cycle? Maybe you think back to your mum or dad and your first bike. Or maybe it’s a community leader who helped you fix a long-forgotten bike – like those who lead our Big Bike Revival programme.

Who has made a difference to the walking and cycling community, to the roads and transport systems near to where you live?

Let’s give them a moment in the spotlight this Bike Week! Share your #BikeHero on social media this #BikeWeekUK.

Thank you for taking part!

You are our #BikeHero!

Join the movement

Your support – whether that’s a one-off donation, becoming a member or simply joining our mailing list – will help to supercharge our award-winning campaign work, focused on making our towns and cities safer for people who cycle and increasing access to the countryside so people can explore more of our green spaces by bike.


We’d love to hear your stories

If you’re hosting a bike breakfast, we want to hear about it. Send us your photos from your bike breakfast along with any story that goes with it and we’ll share it on our social media channels. You can email it to

Please note that by submitting your story and images, you consent to Cycling UK resharing these on our social media channels, website, in print and in our enewsletters.