Cycling UK in Wales

Cycling UK in Wales works with supporters, campaigners and partners to advocate for cycling across the nation and influences local and national government to deliver on active travel. In Wales, we have an Active Travel Act and we’re working with stakeholders to influence local and national governments to improve cycle infrastructure and enable more people to cycle. Cycling UK members in Wales are actively involved in local and national campaigning, and also organise rides, tours, events and training through member groups. We run the highly successful Welsh Festival of Cycling once a year, every year, bringing together members of Cycling UK from across the country.

Cycling campaigning in Wales

We campaign in Wales for policies, action and investment in cycling which will encourage more people to cycle and benefit from healthy, active and low-carbon lifestyles.

We also support local cycle campaigning around Wales through our Cycle Advocacy Network – we’re here to help you raise your voice and call for positive change in your local area.

Tales of the Trails

Cycling UK Member Groups in Wales

Being a part of a cycling group is a great way to gain confidence on the road or off-road, meet new people, make friends and discover new places and routes. It's also a good excuse to find the best cake and coffee on the way!

Cycling UK has hundreds of Member Groups across the UK offering thousands of rides and events for all abilities. Every Cycling UK member can ride with any Member Group and non-members are always welcome to try out riding with a Cycling UK group.

Cycling UK Group Affiliation is available to anyone who organises cycling events, runs rides, promotes or campaigns for cycling.