Cycling UK in Wales

Cycling UK in Wales works with supporters, campaigners and partners to advocate for cycling across the nation and influences local and national government to deliver on active travel
Getting there with cycling - make it happen

On 5 May, there were elections for the local authorities of Wales. In the run up to the elections, Cycling UK asked candidates to pledge to champion active travel, and enable local changes through national policy. 

Cycling UK believes getting more people walking, wheeling and cycling needs to be a key commitment for each and every party and candidate.

We have sent the Leader of every local authority 'Getting there With Cycling' and an offer to work with us to enable everyone who can the opportunity to cycle.

Cycling UK in Wales

Cycling UK are the one body which embraces all kinds of cycle use and interests and we welcome new members and supporters whatever their interest in cycling.

We have fought and advocated for cyclists' rights for over 140 years. As the UK's cycling charity, with a membership of over 70,000 people, our aim is to create a better world by bike for all.

In Wales, we have an Active Travel Act and we’re working with stakeholders to influence local and national governments to improve cycle infrastructure and enable more people to cycle.

Cycling UK members in Wales are actively involved in local and national campaigning, and also organise rides, tours, events and training through member groups.

We run the highly successful Welsh Festival of Cycling once a year, every year, bringing together members of Cycling UK from across the country.

Campaigners toolkit

If you’ve ever spoken up for cycling, tried to influence your local council, or cycled your child to school, you're already a cycling champion.

Add your name to our growing community and receive information about upcoming events in CAN; including webinars and workshops, surgery advice sessions, and campaign action suggestions that will help you build momentum locally.

Perhaps you've ‘liked’ a Cycling UK Facebook post, or shared one of our campaign videos in the past, but you want to go further to show solidarity amongst your peers, we can help you become a more active cycle campaigner.

Join Cycling UK today to share your love of cycling and our vision for a better world by bike. Our members enable us to have a louder voice to lobby government, campaign for improved rights and inspire millions more people to cycle. You’ll also receive great cycling benefits including insurance, discounts and expert advice and information.

Browse our resources below to help get you started on your campaigning journey:

Tales of the Trails
Cycling UK Member Groups in Wales

Being a part of a cycling group is a great way to gain confidence on the road or off-road, meet new people, make friends and discover new places and routes. It's also a good excuse to find the best cake and coffee on the way!

Cycling UK has hundreds of Member Groups across the UK offering thousands of rides and events for all abilities. Every Cycling UK member can ride with any Member Group and non-members are always welcome to try out riding with a Cycling UK group.

Cycling UK Group Affiliation is available to anyone who organises cycling events, runs rides, promotes or campaigns for cycling.