Cycling UK in Scotland

Cycling UK has been delivering projects in Scotland since 2010, as well as running campaigns and influencing policy at Holyrood and locally, supporting over 4,000 members and advocating for cycling across the nation. Our projects allow more people to discover the joy of cycling, whether that's zipping about on errands, exploring the local area or finding ways improve their physical health or wellbeing. Through our funding for local organisations and delivery of projects in communities we work with over 20,000 people each year across the country.
group of people cycling in Glasgow streets
Cycling revolutions - make it happen

We're calling for cycling revolutions in local communities across Scotland to enable more people to cycle for pleasure and short local journeys, in attractive and safe urban and rural spaces.

Find out how to help us make it happen ahead of the local authority elections in Scotland on 5 May.

Coronavirus update

You can find our latest advice on cycling during the coronavirus pandemic on our Q&A page. We have separate, specific advice for organised group riding.

For more information about coronavirus, see the Scottish government website.

In Scotland we run a number of different projects, but with one core aim: to support more people to cycle regularly for transport, leisure and adventure.

Our projects particularly focus on empowering people who are least likely to cycle – giving them the support and encouragement they need to start riding a bike regularly through high quality interventions. We work with women, families, minority ethnic communities, people from disadvantaged areas, people with disabilities and older people.

We know that our impact is greatest when we collaborate, so we work in partnership with a wide range of groups. From the NHS and local authorities to grassroots community groups, we forge alliances that help get more people cycling. All of our projects in Scotland work with local communities and organisations – those that know their own areas best.

We have staff based across Scotland, who provide hands-on support and guidance for our projects and our partners. Our reach is truly national – from Shetland to the Scottish Borders, Cycling UK is making a difference in every local authority in Scotland.


We campaign in Scotland for policies, action and investment in cycling which will encourage more people to cycle and benefit from healthy, active and low-carbon lifestyles. We also work with partners, local campaign groups and our Cycle Advocacy Network to campaign for cycling in communities around Scotland.

About the Scotland National Advisory Committee

The Committee was formed in November 2020 and is recognised by the Cycling UK Board of Trustees as a “committee to advise, inform and be a critical friend” to the UK Board. The Trustees do not have to do what the Scottish Advisory Committee says, but they do have to listen.

We are keen to have as diverse and inclusive a committee as possible, with people coming from a wide range of backgrounds, places, types of cycling and perspectives. We welcome applications from younger people and underrepresented groups in cycling, including black, Asian and minority ethnic groups.

In return for your passion, commitment and skills, we can offer you the chance to make a significant difference to cycling in Scotland and across the UK. Please take a look at the application pack if you’re interested in joining us.

Please contact Andrew Abbess, volunteer chair, for more information: