Big Bike Revival celebration
Big Bike Revival celebration

Cycling UK in Scotland

Cycling UK has been delivering projects in Scotland since 2010, as well as running campaigns and influencing policy at Holyrood and locally, supporting over 4,000 members and advocating for cycling across the nation. Our projects allow more people to discover the joy of cycling, whether that's zipping about on errands, exploring the local area or finding ways improve their physical health or wellbeing. Through our funding for local organisations and delivery of projects in communities we work with over 20,000 people each year across the country.
Scottish election: Cycling for everyone

On 6 May, Scotland went to the polls to elect a new government.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our action, helping us secure significant commitments to active travel in party manifestos and pledges of support for cycling from many MSP candidates.

Find out more about what we campaigned for and what we are doing now to put cycling on the new government's agenda.

Coronavirus update

You can find our latest advice on cycling during the coronavirus pandemic on our Q&A page. We have separate, specific advice for organised group riding.

For more information about coronavirus, see the Scottish government website.

In Scotland, Cycling UK has a development officer team who work across a range of different projects in local communities. This includes:

  • The Big Bike Revival in Scotland, a national project that aims to encourage new and returning cyclists to get back on their bikes
  • Community cycle club development, offering local groups support, training and guidance to run their cycling groups and activities to the benefit of their local community.
  • The Belles on Bikes network, a series of women's cycling groups across Scotland.
  • Play Together on Pedals, which works with families to help them start pedalling together. The fun and freedom of cycling helps children develop key life skills, brings physical and mental health benefits, and encourages families to make short journeys without a car.
  • The Edinburgh All-ability Bike Centre, which works with anyone needing a little bit of extra support to get cycling. This includes older people, people with complex health conditions, disabled people and anyone else needing a bit extra support to get riding.


We campaign in Scotland for policies, action and investment in cycling which will encourage more people to cycle and benefit from healthy, active and low-carbon lifestyles. We also work with partners, local campaign groups and our Cycle Advocacy Network to campaign for cycling in communities around Scotland.

About the Cycling UK Scotland volunteer committee

Cycling UK Scotland is an elected volunteer committee of Cycling UK members from across Scotland, committed to representing everyday cyclists at national meetings and in responding to consultations. Policy topics include cycling as transport, land access, climate change, air quality, planning, road safety and wider transport policy which affects or is relevant to cycling. 

The Cycling UK Scotland committee also supports the activities and projects of Cycling UK in Scotland, promotes membership and brings Cycling UK members in Scotland together at an annual gathering.