Cycle Access Fund

Cycling UK Scotland - Camglen Bike Town Rutherglen - Tue 7 November 2023 (© photographer - Andy Catlin
The Cycle Access Fund is getting more people in Scotland cycling by providing grants for bikes and equipment

The Cycle Access Fund supports those least likely to have access to a bike and provides capital grants to organisations through four different funding strands:

It allows a wide range of organisations to apply and provides a variety of opportunities for individuals to benefit from the fund. There is no limit to the number of strands organisations can apply to.

Enabling individuals to access a bike in an affordable, easy and convenient way is a vital contribution to reducing health and income inequality. It makes our communities safer and more pleasant by reducing short car journeys. We know that many people in Scotland experience barriers to accessing a cycle and, by offering our funding across different strands, we aim to tackle different barriers and help more people to cycle.


The Cycle Access Fund is only available to organisations that successfully complete the application process. Individual people should not apply.

In 2024-25, we have been funded by four Regional Transport Partnerships (RTP) in Scotland, which means that the Cycle Access Fund is being provided only in specific regions of Scotland. The Cycle Access Fund is available to organisations whose registered business/charity address is in SPT, Sestran, ZetTrans and Nestrans.

Please refer to the map to see which local authority areas are eligible.

If your organisation is based in an RTP area not funded by Cycling UK for 2024-25, we invite you to complete this form.


Funding strand 1: Individual Bike Ownership

This funding is for organisations that work with adults who are struggling financially. It is designed to support individuals who would not be able to afford to buy a bike themselves. This funding will be very limited.


Funding strand 2: Shared Use

This funding is for organisations to purchase cycles and equipment that enable cycle-sharing schemes such as bike libraries, pool cycles, bike subscription schemes, loan cycles and bike share schemes. Successful applications should demonstrate how you will meet a particular need in your community, promoting inclusivity and supporting those who are least likely to have access to a cycle of their own.


Funding strand 3: Recycle

This funding is for bike repair organisations and bike recycling centres to repair cycles for donation to people who are financially struggling.


Funding strand 4: Repair

This funding is for bike repair organisations, bike recycling centres and bike shops to repair cycles belonging to people who are financially struggling.

If you are unsure which strand to apply for, please see our application guidance or contact the project team to discuss suitability.

If you wish to apply for funding to purchase children’s bikes only, please apply to Cycling Scotland’s Access to Bikes for Young People programme.