Cycle Share Fund

Thank you for your interest in Cycle Share Fund. The project is no longer running; however we have a new project running in Scotland, the Cycle Access Fund – click the button above for further information

About the Cycle Share Fund

The Cycle Share Fund aimed to get more people in Scotland cycling by providing grants for schemes that give people affordable, easy and convenient access to a bike.

Grants from the fund enabled organisations to purchase cycles and equipment for schemes that provide people with access to a bike that they don’t own.

Owning a cycle is not the best option for everyone. Upfront costs of buying a bike are a significant barrier, but people may also feel unsure about which cycle is best for them, have concerns about maintaining a cycle or not have anywhere safe to store it.

That’s why the fund supported affordable and convenient models to allow people to use a bike without buying one. Removing these barriers to cycling benefited people financially, supported their health and wellbeing and benefited local communities and our environment.

Applying for a grant

The fund supported models including loan schemes, subscription services, hire schemes, bike libraries, pool bikes and bike shares.

Grants were open to organisations which run or wished to run any form of cycle share scheme including third-sector and community organisations, charities, schools and other workplaces.