Edinburgh All-Ability Bike Centre

The Edinburgh All-ability Bike Centre (ABC) offers people the chance to get cycling, whatever their ability or background. The centre is run by Cycling UK and has a wide range of adaptive bikes, as well as standard solo bikes and tandems.

The Edinburgh ABC is an inclusive space for cycling with an open door for anyone who needs a bit of extra support to get cycling. The centre’s diverse participants include people with physical disabilities, people with learning disabilities, older people, people with Dementia or Parkinson’s, people with mobility issues, people with visual impairments and many others.

The ABC’s sessions are social and fun – with plenty of energy, enthusiasm and laughter, and much more besides. Skills sessions help riders develop their technique and confidence. Families who might use a side-by-side or wheelchair bicycle, develop bonds and create memories. Longer rides help participants build self-esteem and become more independent.

The ABC is based at Saughton Park in the west of the city. The centre can cater for people of all abilities, thanks to a wide range of adaptive bikes including side-by-sides, trikes, hand cycles and bicycles with space for a wheelchair user.

In summer 2018, the ABC launched a new tandem cycling club for people with visual impairments. VIE Velo pairs visually impaired ‘stokers’ with sighted ‘pilots’ and supports them to learn to ride together.


Coronavirus update

We are currently running a limited number of bookable sessions at Saughton Park. We will have social distancing and other coronavirus measures in place to keep our riders, staff and volunteers safe. Participants who need physical assistance must bring a member of their household or a carer, so our staff and volunteers can maintain social distance. Please also wrap up warm as coronavirus rules mean we can't lend out gloves and other warm clothes.

For more information or to book a session, please email the ABC team.

Contact Edinburgh ABC

Email the team for more information about attending a session at Edinburgh ABC or keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter. Sessions are free.

If you'd like to volunteer at Edinburgh ABC please email our volunteering team.

VIE Velo

You can also follow VIE Velo tandem cycling club on Facebook and Twitter.

Edinburgh ABC and VIE Velo are funded by the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust.