Inclusive Cycling

Inclusive cycling at Alice Holt
Using an adapted cycle is a fantastic way for everyone to have fun, gain more independence and enjoy a sense of freedom. Whatever type of cycle, adaptation or support you need there is likely to be a solution. We encourage all-ability cycling for recreation, sport, exercise and even just for fun.

Cycling UK Support

Cycling UK has supported more than 40 Inclusive Cycling Centres across England as part of a Big Lottery funded project. In partnership with Cycling Projects, Cycling UK launched the largest network of centres that provided thousands of people with the opportunity to experience cycling each year, many for the first time.

The Inclusive Cycling Network offered a unique funding opportunity for organisations with the chance to create real impact at a local level.

Each Inclusive Cycling Centre was unique and specialised in working with people with physical or mental disabilities, new cyclists, the elderly, injury rehabilitation referrals or just those lacking the confidence to take a bicycle out on the road. The centres were led by dedicated and inspirational staff and volunteers that needed our support to improve their facilities, services and to give them the sustainability they deserved.

The centres had access to adapted bikes like hand-cycles, tandems and tricycles that allow them to give people with a wide variety of needs a chance to experience cycling.

Cycling UK committed to supporting them by showcasing the impact of their work for individuals and communities, generating new support in the form of volunteers, training opportunities and funding, and putting inclusive cycling on the agenda so their work attracted important funding.

If you're an Inclusive Cycling Centre please contact us as we have volunteering support services

The Inclusive Cycling Network