Scottish Government must accelerate climate ambition after 2030 target scrapped

Scottish Parliament Building Holyrood with people walking and cycling outside
Our statement to the recent announcement that the Scottish Government plans to weaken Scotland’s climate legislation

In reaction to the Scottish Government’s announcement that it plans to weaken Scotland’s climate legislation by removing the legal requirement to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030, Sarah McMonagle, our director of external affairs, said:  

"We’re deeply disappointed that an important climate target has been dropped by the Scottish Government. 

"For years Ministers have taken great pride in talking up Scotland’s ‘world leading’ climate targets but at the same time have failed to put in place the policies needed to meet them. 

"This inaction is epitomised by the lack of effort to modernise the transport sector, resulting in only miniscule reductions in climate pollution each year since 1990. What’s resulted is gridlocked roads, polluted air and streets which feel unsafe for people who walk and cycle.  

"We urge the Government to accelerate its climate ambition and put full effort into making it a reality. That means working with councils to provide genuine choice for how we travel – ensuring that everyone can get around in a climate-friendly way by walking, cycling or using public transport."