100 Women in Cycling 2022

Cycle influencer
Abby Popplestone
Influencer, champion of normal cyclists & local...
Adna stands smiling with her black bike. She is wearing a cap, black and pink slogan t-shirt and jeans.
Community champion
Adna Dumitrescu
Co-founder of cycle group Queens of Pain
Community champion
Alia Merali
Founder of cycle club Evolve and cycle trainer
Community champion
Alisha Kiselman
Ride leader and volunteer
Community champion
Alison Wood
Cycling coach specialised in female training and nutrition
Amelie stands with her BMX bike. She is wearing a BMX helmet, gloves, blue British Cycling jersey and green trousers.
Sporting hero
Amelie Eaton
10-year-old BMX champion
Amy stands with the beach behind her. She is wearing glasses and a dark jacket.
Cycle influencer
Amy Heley
Local councillor advocating for safer cycling
Community champion
Anisah Llinares
Cycling club organiser; ride leader
Anna sits on a wooden veranda. She wears a helmet, black top, gilet, shorts and trainers.
Community champion
Anna Dews
Co-founder of Peak Queer Adventures
Close-up headshot of Anna in a desert landscape. She is wearing a dark jumper.
Industry mogul
Anna Haslock
Co-founder of Lost Dot Ltd. and race co-ordinator
Community champion
Anna Hay
Award winning cycle instructor and Bikeability mentor
Cycle influencer
Anna Smith
Active travel campaigner, project and ride leader, artist
Community champion
Anna Vince
Bikeability instructor and Cycling UK development officer
Community champion
Anne Livingstone
Ride leader and volunteer
Community champion
Anne Sayer
Bikeability instructor, founder of Solent Cycle Project
Sporting hero
Anne Young
Audax long distance rider and female point award winner
Sporting hero
Annemiek van Vleuten
UCI Road World Champion, Tour de France overall winner 2022
A woman is standing astride her bike, with her two-year-old in a child seat behind her. She is wearing a green T-shirt. The bike’s basket is full. Beside her is a man on a recumbent cycle.
Community champion
Becky Cox
Ride leader; volunteer for Swindon Cycle Campaign
Belinda stands to the left of her bike on a path. She is wearing colourful dungarees and a black long-sleeved top.
Community champion
Belinda Everett
Cycle mechanic and founder of Bee Pedal Ready
Industry mogul
Beth Ward
Founder of Drosi Bikes community bike workshop
Carla is facing the camera with her bike in a park. She is wearing black T-shirt and jeans. Photo: Graham Berry.
Cycle influencer
Carla Francome
Cycle campaigner and social media influencer
A woman is standing on a makeshift stage. She has a Dawes touring bike with her; an open notebook is balanced on the bike’s handlebars. She is wearing a blue and white striped top, black three-quarter-length trousers and cycling shoes. She is smiling.
Cycle influencer
Caroline Burrows
Writer of poetry, short stories and travel articles
Charlotte stands side-on to the camera with her bike in a mountainous landscape. She is wearing a white helmet, grey jacket and brown shorts.
Industry mogul
Charlotte Hartwell
Co-editor of Shiftr magazine and director at Women in Tandem
Industry mogul
Charlotte Inman
Founder of Sisters In the Wild UK and cycle leader
Community champion
Charlotte Reeves
President of Charlotte’s Tandems
A woman is standing under a John o’ Groats sign. She has a Liv road bike with tri bars and is holding a bottle of champagne, celebrating after completing the Land’s End to John o’ Groats cycle ride.
Sporting hero
Christina Mackenzie
Former triathlete; LEGOG record holder
Community champion
Claire Murray
Founder of cycle group Any1CanRide, cycling coach &...
A woman is standing at the gates of a hotel in Spain. The building is covered with old bicycles and even the gates are made from bike frames. She is wearing black trousers, a bright cerise cardigan and blue top, as well as a brightly patterned scarf
Cycle influencer
Dorothy Craw
Founder, Recycke y’bike; club ride leader
Cycle influencer
Dulce Pedroso
Researcher, blogger & podcaster, Audax community member
Eilidh smiles with her bike during one of her cycle adventures overseas. She is wearing a blue top and red scarf. Behind her is a colourful, historic building.  Her bike has a big yellow flower attached to the handlebars.
Community champion
Eilidh Graham
Cycle trainer and ride organiser in Glasgow
Elle stands with her teammates and one of the organisers at Seacroft Wheelers Road Race. She is fifth from the left, third from the right. She is wearing Klatsch club cycle kit.
Community champion
Elle Haigh
Co-founder of Klatsch Cycling
A woman is standing with her road bike. She is perched on the crossbar. She is wearing black cycling shorts and a black and multicoloured polka dot cycling jersey. She is smiling.
Cycle influencer
Elle Linton
Cycling coach, blogger, Breeze champion, Liv ambassador
A woman is cycling towards the camera. She is wearing black shorts, an orange and grey jersey and yellow hi-vis jacket, along with a blue and green helmet and sunglasses. The bike is blue. She is cycling on a gravel path bordered by woodland on both sides
Community champion
Ellen Lee
Co-founder, organiser and ride leader, Isis Cyclists
A woman in a GB cycling jersey is holding up a gold medal and smiling to the camera
Sporting hero
Emily Benham Kvale
Five times world champion in mountain bike orienteering
Cycle influencer
Emily Groves
Cycle coach
Community champion
Emily Wormald
Founder of Lakes Gravel Gang
Emma is smiling as her bike does a jump on a mountain biking trail. She is wearing a helmet, dark coloured top and green leggings.
Community champion
Emma Downey
Coach for BMXercise in Bristol
Emma smiles with her arms folded. She is wearing a blue and yellow helmet, black top and blue gloves. There are trees in the background.
Industry mogul
Emma Hawkins
Co-founder of MTB festival Sisters of Send
Industry mogul
Emma Wheeler
Cycle mechanics instructor for Bikes Beyond Bars
A woman is cycling on a cargo trike. She is wearing blue jeans and a white sweater. She has a NJ tube. A smally, fluffy white dog is in the cargo box.
Cycle influencer
Harrie Larrington-Spencer
Inclusive cycling campaigner, social media influencer
Helen smiling on her bike. She wears a blue helmet, green top and dark shorts. There is a lake behind her.
Community champion
Helen Hirst
Ride leader and Bikeability instructor
Community champion
Helen Holcroft
Community Cycle Club founder
Sporting hero
Helen Russell
Age group triathlete, equal rights campaigner, fundraiser
Cycle influencer
Hetty Key
Climate activist, researcher and event organiser
A woman is standing on a grass verge at the side of a road. She is wearing a white cycle helmet and a bright, stripey Stolen Goat cycling jersey. She is smiling at the camera.
Industry mogul
Hilary May
Cycle trainer, Breeze champion and campaigner
A woman is smiling into the camera. She has long, wavy blonde hair and is wearing a check shirt
Industry mogul
Hollie Burnett
Ride leader; bike mechanic; founder of Energise Cycles
Iona kneels behind her green bike which is set up with bikepacking bags. She wears a helmet, green jersey, gloves and black shorts. A beach is in the background.
Community champion
Iona Hassan
Ride leader and wheel builder
Jackie riding her blue bike in the countryside. She is wearing a pink jersey, blue shorts, black helmet and sunglasses.
Community champion
Jackie Fowler
Inspiring club member who rode Tour de France for charity
A woman is standing in a pub or restaurant garden. She is wearing cycling clothing and gloves. She is holding up a JoyRiders jacket
Community champion
Jane Carlton Smith
Ride leader with Isis Cyclists and JoyRiders Oxford
Community champion
Janine Morrall
Cycle coach, instructor, Breeze champion and coordinator
Jenni stands leaning against a brick wall with her arms folded. She wears a green helmet, sunglasses and black jersey.
Industry mogul
Jenni Green
Founder of Bia Cycling and The Bia Hub
Sporting hero
Jenny Holl
World Champion and Paralympic medallist
Sporting hero
Jenny Tough
Adventurer, endurance bikepacker, author
Community champion
Jess Notzing
Founder of School of Rocks Cardiff
Cycle influencer
Jessie Stevens
Climate activist and founder of People Pedal Power
Cycle influencer
Jo Rigby
Chair of Wandsworth Council's Transport Committee
A woman is cycling along the road. She is on a road bike which has a number attached to a handlebar bag; she is taking part in an organised cycling event. She is wearing black cycling leggings and a very bright multicoloured jersey
Community champion
Joolz Christie
Breeze Champion and cycling skills trainer
Joscelyne smiling with her red bike. She is wearing an orange Sara Park CCC t-shirt, black leggings and helmet.
Community champion
Joscelyne Daniel
Ride leader and secretary for Sara Park Community Cycle Club
Community champion
Josie Lees
Bikepacker and ride leader
A woman is standing with a light grey Trek mountain bike. It’s winter. She is wearing a warm winter jacket and trousers. Her bike is decorated with blue tinsel. There is frost on the pavement, grass and trees and the stream behind her has ice on it
Community champion
Julie Cunningham
Cycling UK development officer for women & girls in...
Cycle influencer
Kamar Omar
Social media influencer and Brompton bike enthusiast
Kat stands to the right of her bike in a park. A small child is in a child’s seat at the back of the bike. Kat is wearing glasses, a black top and red patterned leggings.
Cycle influencer
Kat Heath
Kidical Mass organiser in Reading
A woman is fixing a tyre on a cycle. She is wearing a brown sweater and black and red gloves. She has long brown hair. She is smiling at the camera
Cycle influencer
Kate Ball
Campaigner for better, more inclusive cycling infrastructure
Community champion
Kate Jenkins
Founder of Watford Cycle Hub
Kath competing in a road bike event. She is wearing a white helmet and blue lycra kit.
Industry mogul
Kath Finn
Inclusive cycle coach and professional athlete
Cycle influencer
Katherine Dunne
Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council
A woman is standing astride a grey hybrid bike with a packed trailer attached to it. She is wearing normal clothes: blue trousers and shoes and a grey fleece, as well as a cycle helmet.
Community champion
Kathryn McNicoll
Trustee and honorary secretary of campaign group Cyclox
A woman is cycling on an Orbea road bike. She is wearing a green and white cycling jersey, black shorts, a red and white helmet and black and yellow fingerless gloves. She is smiling at the camera. In the background is some pretty impressive countryside
Industry mogul
Kirsten Berggren
Volunteer mechanic and ride leader, Ride On Cycling for All
A woman is cycling downhill through a forest. She is riding a Scott mountain bike. She is wearing black three-quarter-length cycling leggings and a black jacket, as well as a green helmet. Credit: Roo Fowler
Cycle influencer
Laura Bailey
Senior partnerships manager, Ordnance Survey; writer for MBR
A woman is standing with a hire bike on some of Birmingham’s cycle infrastructure, the blue routes. She is wearing a red dress, black cardigan and black tights. She has a yellow handbag over her shoulder and a red bag in the bike’s basket
Cycle influencer
Liz Clements
Labour councillor, Birmingham, Cabinet Member for Transport
A woman is sitting on her bike with her forearms resting on the drop handlebars, her hands clasped in front of her. She is wearing a blue fleece and has sunglasses on her head. She has short hair. She is smiling.
Community champion
Liz Matthews
Bikeability instructor and cycle coach
Community champion
Lois Kay
Volunteer at cycling collective Lady Pedal
Lucie on a silver e-cycle with front and back baskets, standing in front of Poole harbour. She is wearing blue jeans and a blue BH Active Travel T-shirt
Community champion
Lucie Allen
Active travel advocate; chair of BH Active Travel
A woman is standing next to a touring bike. She is wearing a blue strappy top with white flower pattern and blue and black leggings, a turquoise cycling helmet and sunglasses. The bike is green and it has two big panniers on the rear rack
Industry mogul
Lucy Dance
Sustrans Bike-it officer
A selfie of three cyclists next to a hedge. The photo has been taken by a woman and behind her are two men, one to the left and one to the right. They are all wearing hi-vis jackets and cycling helmets
Community champion
Lyn Brayshaw
Chair of Southampton Cycling Campaign
Marina stands next to a sunflower field with her blue bike. She wears sunglasses, a yellow helmet, blue jacket and black shorts.
Community champion
Marina Friend
Ride leader for Coventry CTC
A smiling woman with long blonde hair and sunglasses is standing astride a black and pink bike. She is wearing a blue dress and white sun hat. The bike’s basket is decorated with balloons and plastic flowers
Community champion
Menekse Ayrilmaz
Co-founder and cycle instructor, Londra Bisiklet Kulubu
Sporting hero
Molly Weaver
Former road racing pro turned endurance rider
A woman in a lilac and forest green cycling jacket and silver helmet is cycling off road through a forest. It’s autumn and the trees are bare, there are leaves all over the forest floor
Community champion
Nic Carass
Founder and co-director, New Forest Off Road Club
A woman is standing with a very muddy bike and holding a medal, having just completed an off-road triathlon on the Isle of Kerrera. She is smiling broadly
Sporting hero
Philippa Battye
Ultra-racer and competitive bikepacker
A woman is standing on a racetrack. She is wearing black leggings and a violet padded jacket, along with sunglasses. She has long, wavy, dark blonde hair. She is surrounded by various non-standard cycles, showing the different options for different needs
Community champion
Philippa Curphey
Co-founder of girls ALIVE; inclusive cycling advocate
Cycle influencer
Rebecca Mountford
Bicycle Mayor of Cheltenham
Cycle influencer
Robyn Jankel
York Cycle Campaign co-chair and CAN volunteer
A woman is standing with a metallic green bike that is fully loaded with bags for bikepacking. She is wearing a blue cycling helmet and a check shirt. She is smiling at the camera
Community champion
Ruby Boyce
Co-founder of cycling club Queens of Pain
Community champion
Sally Redman-Davies
Founder of My Bike project, cycling instructor and coach
Community champion
Salma Rahman
Instructor & ride leader empowering Muslim women to...
Community champion
Saoirse Pottie
Guinness World Record holder, co-founder of Bikepacking Buds
A woman is riding a bike while wearing a Christmas elf outfit. She is looking back at the camera and pulling a funny face
Community champion
Sara Bateman
Volunteer ride leader; project officer at Gateway Wheelers
Saskia smiles at the camera as she stands with her cargo bike, transporting her children. She is wearing glasses, a beige jacket and jeans.
Cycle influencer
Saskia Heijltjes
Kidical Mass organiser and Bicycle Mayor of Bath
A woman is sitting sideways on the top bar of her bike. She is wearing GB cycling shorts and jersey. She has long dark brown hair. She is smiling at the camera. The bike is a matt black Pinarello Dogma
Community champion
Sharon Calton
Personal trainer and cycling coach
Sharon smiles to camera, holding a clipboard and stopwatch. She is standing at the side of the road at the finish line. She is wearing a grey winter coat and hi-vis vest.
Community champion
Sharon Dyson
Timekeeper and marshal in the North East
A woman is on a cream Dutch-style bike. The bike’s front basket is full of flowers. She is wearing leggings with a scarf tied around her waist and a brown T-shirt. She has on sunglasses and is smiling at the camera
Community champion
Sibel Maden
Ride leader and committee member, Londra Bisiklet Kulubu
Sophie mountain biking on the Great North Trail. She is wearing a white helmet, blue jacket and grey shorts.
Industry mogul
Sophie Gordon
Off-road campaigns officer for Cycling UK
Sophie Unwin (right) and Jenny Holl (left) hold up their medals after winning gold in the Women’s Tandem Trial at the UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships. Credit: SWPix
Sporting hero
Sophie Unwin
Visually impaired para-cyclist and world champion
A woman is posing with a heavily laden bikepacking bike. She is wearing black shorts, a black Rapha T-shirt and check shirt, and a black cycling helmet with a cap underneath. She is in a remote location with mountains in the background
Cycle influencer
Taylor Doyle
Founder of Ultra Distance Scholarship and Steezy Collective
Sporting hero
Trudy Lindblade
CEO at 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships
Community champion
Victoria O’Reilly
Bute Wheelers chairperson, Bute Community Cycling founder
Yasmin smiling as she rides a white Trek bike on road. She is wearing a red helmet, yellow gilet over a red jersey and black cycling shorts.
Community champion
Yasmin Emerson
Cycle group treasurer, ride leader and local campaigner
A woman in cycling gear is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a blue cycling helmet with a Rapha cap underneath. She has on cycling sunglasses, a stripey Rapha cycling jersey and a bright pink headscarf
Community champion
Zainab Arian
Ride leader and treasurer with cycling club Cycle Sisters
A woman is pushing her bike uphill. Only the bike’s handlebars and top of the front wheel are in shot, along with packed bikepacking bags. She is wearing an orange helmet and a Rapha cap
Community champion
Zara Bellos
Bike mechanic; ride leader; ultra-endurance rider