Kat Heath

Kat stands to the right of her bike in a park. A small child is in a child’s seat at the back of the bike. Kat is wearing glasses, a black top and red patterned leggings.
Cycle influencer

Kat Heath

Kidical Mass organiser in Reading

Cycling is Kat's main form of transport; she works tirelessly to promote cycling and good infrastructure. When she had her baby, Kat realised how daunting riding a bike can be for those less confident so she decided to set up Kidical Mass rides where she lived to give the next generation a voice, and inspired people in other cities to do the same.

In addition, Kat created a how-to guide and runs webinar to support others to set up rides of their own. She also secured insurance for all Kidical Mass groups in the UK.

"Cities and towns need to be safe for children to cycle in."