Simple bike maintenance guides

Cycling UK has produced five downloadable guides
To help keep your bike in the best condition, Cycling UK has produced five simple guides on bike maintenance, designed to be downloaded to your phone for reference for wherever you travel

For safe and happy cycling, it’s important to understand how to check your bicycle before you set off on your journey and how to keep it maintained for optimum performance.

Cycling UK’s guides cover everything from the basic checks you should carry out before your ride and the essential tools you should always carry, to how to fix a puncture and adjust your brake and gear cables.

The five guides cover:

The guides are designed to be easy to read on a phone

The guides aim to educate cyclists with little or no mechanical experience on how to prepare their bikes to ride safely, how to fix basic problems they may encounter when cycling and the essential tools needed to fix common issues.

They form part of Cycling UK’s commitment to encourage millions more people to cycle, and its mission to champion cyclists’ rights and to improve cycling safety.

Download Cycling UK’s bike maintenance guides

Click on the image below to download a copy of the guide you want:

Before you set off
Essential tools
Repairing a puncture
Adjusting your gears and brakes
Repairing a broken chain