Video guide: Five top tips for a safer journey

Cycling UK has produced a series of easily accessible video guides on maintenance and road safety. In this guide, we share five top tips for staying safe while out on your bike

In our previous video guide we explained some basic road positioning and how to tackle some of the most common junctions.

In the last of our five guides we've put together five top tips to help you have a safer journey. Just click on the image at the top of the page to play the video.

Road positioning is one of our tips

The video covers:

  • Checking your surroundings
  • Brake sense
  • Observe and anticipate
  • Road positioning
  • Finishing your journey
Find somewhere safe to pull over

We’ve also put together five written guides, designed to be downloaded on your phone for reference, covering the M-check, puncture repair, brake and gear adjustments, the essential tools you need and repairing a broken chain.