New year's cycling resolutions

Challenge yourself and remind yourself that you are more capable than you think you are. 
Dreams in a bottle
Dreams in a bottle
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New year's cycling resolutions

Why not make 2020 the year you achieve some cycling dreams. Cycling UK's Victoria Hazael has 20 things you could do in 2020.

It's a new year and a new decade too, so why not make a few new year's resolutions you can actually keep. Sometimes we all need a fresh start and time to reflect on what we'd like to do rather than what we should.  

The suggestions below are just that suggestions, if they don't suit your cycling ability or style why not create your own top 20 things to achieve or break down longer iconic cycling routes into smaller sections and work through them over the next decade. Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments box at the end of the page. 

Epic cycling routes 

The Great North Trail 

Created by Cycling UK in 2019 the Great North Trail is a brand new 800 mile off-road route. It offers some of the best cycling routes in northern England and Scotland: from rolling hills and dales to remote windswept moorland, crumbling castles to hidden waterfalls, swooping singletrack and old Roman roads. The nature of the route varies in different areas - from rugged upland trails across exposed moorland, suitable for more experienced mountain bikers, to sections of canal path and disused railway perfect for family days out. You don't have to cycle the whole thing in one go if you don't want to. 

Land's End to John o' Groats 

Cycling UK has been helping cyclists ride from Land's End to John o' Groats (LEJOG) for over century. The iconic route which covers the entire length of the UK - is a challenge that many thousands of people take on each year. Download GPX files for different routes and get advice from the thousands of other cyclists who have gone before you on the LEJOG section on the Cycling UK forum. 

Cape Wrath Fellowship

For 70 years Cycling UK’s Cape Wrath Fellowship has put cyclists to the test. Located in Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland, Cape Wrath is the most northwestern point of the UK. This rugged, windswept headland is renown for its natural beauty and challenging coastal path. The Cape Wrath Fellowship was founded in 1949 and it has captured the imagination of thousands of intrepid cyclists ever since. This route can be added on to the Great North Trail or Land's End to John o' Groats. Let us know if you cycle to the lighthouse and your name will be added to the Cape Wrath Fellowship.  

Coast to coast 

There’s an elegance and simplicity about cycling a coast-to-coast route in the UK. There are plenty of routes to choose from, the shorter Devon coast to coast route recommended by our Vice-President Josie Dew or an array of coast to coast routes in northern England with route aficionado Rob Ainsley compiled for Cycle magazine. Perfect for a summer holiday cycling adventure. 

London to Paris

Many people decide to cycle their longest distance for charity, this can provide the extra motivation to train and actually do it on the day. London to Paris is a popular route as you get to arrive at the Eiffel Tower and hold your bike aloft like a hero. If you are not sure where to start read our helpful London to Paris guide.   

King Alfred's Way 

Coming in the summer of 2020 is our newest route from our off-road team, it's a 220 mile circular loop around historic Wessex, through Salisbury, Winchester and Stonehenge. Sign up for off-road news to be the first to get the route and maybe you could be even of the first to complete it.  

The North Downs Way 

Cycling UK's Riders' Route for the North Downs Way is a largely off-road route which will take you over 150 miles from Farnham in Surrey to Dover in Kent. The 150 miles can be ridden in one go as a bikepacking adventure, or alternatively Cycling UK has broken the journey down in to three roughly 50 mile stages. Each section has a railway station at both the beginning and end that is serviced with direct trains to London.

Hadrian's Wall 

The walking route is well-known and a well trodden path but the Cycling Archaeologist has shared with us a 174-mile cycle route you can follow along the historic wall, taking you from the sea to Carlisle. Take in a bit of history and lovely views too.  

100 climbs 

Do you actually like hills? There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you get to the top. Three Cycling UK members - Dominic Millar, Graham Salisbury and James Findlater – cycled a 3,300-mile, 29-day route around Britain to take on all 100 hills featured in Simon Warren’s book ‘100 Greatest Cycling Climbs’ They have kindly shared their 100 Climbs routes with us. 

Big ticket rides are fun but why not pick a route near where you live. There are around 200 routes to choose from with advice and GPX files. You could also explore your county or area of the UK with our local area cycling guides

Try something new 

Learn a new skill 

Cycling UK offer a range of training courses that are designed to support groups and individuals to develop their skills in leading and cycling instruction. Book online and get the qualifications you need. Why not learn first aid, basic and advanced maintenance or become a mountain bike or tour leader

British Cycle Quest 

Do you need a reason to cycle to every part of the British Isles? Then take on the British Cycle Quest, it might take you the whole decade to complete it all but you'll get a certificates for reaching 10, 50, 100, 200 and 300 checkpoints.

Ride with others

Every year Cycling UK groups and clubs organise 13,000 rides, they offer a chance to discover some new routes in your area and meet new friends. 

World's Biggest Bike Ride 

Be part of something amazing this year. On Saturday 13 June Cycling UK is organising the World's Biggest Bike Ride. There will be more information on the Bike Week section of the website soon. 

Wild camping

Spend a night under the stars this year and go on an off-road bikepacking adventure. It's easier than you think and will help you to connect with nature and get some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. 

Holiday of a lifetime

Is there somewhere that you have always wanted to explore by bike? If you don't fancy going alone, you can sign up to ride with CTC Holidays and Tours. They are not-for-profit holidays by Cycling UK members who are cycle touring experts. There's opportunities to cycle in the UK and Europe, plus they'll take you to some pretty amazing places like China, Morocco, Vietnam and India. 

Helping others 

Teach someone else to ride a bike 

It's astonishing how many people have never learnt to ride and bike or haven't ridden in years and need some help and encouragement. If you'd like to teach an adult to cycle watch our video and help a friend. If you have children or grandchildren you can ensure the next generation learn to ride, watch our how to teach a child to ride a balance bike or how to teach a child to ride a pedal bike for more information. 

Help a friend get their bike working

Bikes often get forgotten in sheds and garages, when all they need is a bit of TLC. Encourage a friend to take their bike to a Big Bike Revival event or offer to show them how to fix it and look after it. 

Become a volunteer 

Give a little time to cycling in 2020 and become a volunteer. There are plenty of ways you can help others cycle from giving an hour of your time to a day a week. Around 9000 people volunteer to help Cycling UK so find a volunteering role that suits you and discover the rewards of volunteering. 

Make your workplace a Cycle Friendly Employer

If you cycle to work why not encourage your employer to make it easier for you and your colleagues to cycle to work. It is simpler than you think to Integrate cycling into a business in a positive, so get your boss to sign up to become a Cycle Friendly Employer

Join Cycling UK 

You might join Cycling UK for the insurance, discounts or Cycle magazine, but your membership also enables the charity to fund vital campaign work and support community cycling projects. Together we can get millions more people to cycle, no matter their background, ability or experience.


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