Cape Wrath

The Endura MT500 special Cape Wrath Fellowship edition
For 75 years Cycling UK’s Cape Wrath Fellowship has put cyclists to the test. Located in Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland, Cape Wrath is the most northwestern point of the UK. This rugged, windswept headland is renown for its natural beauty and challenging coastal path. The Cape Wrath Fellowship was founded in 1949 and it has captured the imagination of thousands of intrepid cyclists ever since. Find out if you have what it takes to get your name on this historic roll.

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The Cape Wrath Fellowship was begun in 1949 by Rex “Ragged Staff” Coley who thought cycling in the post-war era had grown a bit tame. He wanted to inject some adventure and fun back into cycling, which he felt had grown altogether too serious.

To do this, he set out a challenge. Ride to Cape Wrath – the most north westerly point of the Scottish mainland – get a photo in front of the lighthouse and a signature from its keeper, send it in and he would enter you into the illustrious Fellowship.

Sounds simple, but to get there you need to get a wee ferry from Keodale Pier that is at the mercy of the tides and wind across the Sound of Durness. Then ride a road that’s barely been touched since it was first built in 1826 to allow the traffic of materials to the light house.

It’s a pure wilderness, with only this lone track to take you to the lighthouse that stands 11 miles away. 

To get the Cape Wrath certificate simply fill in the online form and upload your evidence

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Download the GPX file and read about Cycling UK's trip in 2019 via a bothy. 

Download the GPX file of Michael Hutchinson's route

Cape Wrath Ordinance Survey Map

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