Charity bike rides

Charity bike rides raise vital funds for all kinds of charities and change the lives and health of the people who take part. They can be incredibly rewarding for the participant too, providing a huge sense of achievement
Group ride

Advice for organising a charity bike ride

If you're considering organising a charity bike ride, planning is the post important thing to consider. We've all the information you need, from informing the police and local authorities about your event, to insurance and financing, advertising and marshalling.

You might want to consider joining a cycling group where you can beet like-minded people who provide motivation, mutual support and companionship during your training for your charity ride. You’ll be able to share your love of cycling, whether that’s for leisure, exploration, racing or just to sample the local coffee shops. But most of all it’s fun! Cycling UK Member Groups benefit from free organisers’ liability insurance, legal assistance, discounted individual membership, your own page within our website, bi-monthly Cycle magazine and more.