Tour Leader

Tour Leader

Plan and lead multi-stage rides at home or abroad.
Course outcomes 

This course builds and develops your skills, training you to:

  • prepare for tours and rides
  • understand equipment requirements and check its suitability
  • pre-ride routes and follow previously prepared route information
  • ensure participants' riding abilities and help them develop
  • manage groups
  • perform roadside maintenance and repairs
  • navigate
  • deal with riders’ needs for food, drink and rest
  • deal with emergencies
  • reduce our environmental impacts
Key content 

Leading and guiding cycling holidays and tours requires specific skills, competencies and qualities to ensure that events are properly prepared for, run according to plan and time schedule and minimise the opportunities for incidents, as well as being able to deal with them if they do occur.


Skill level 
Confident and competent on roads, both rural and urban. Hold a valid first aid certificate
Road and highways (not necessarily tarmac)
Fitness level 

Hold a current First Aid Certificate


The Tour Leader course equips you well to lead cycle touring.

Mountain Bike Expedition Module - This module will extend your Tour Leader Qualification to Over night camping trips within your Techinical remit!!


Further qualifications allow you to explore other specialisms, like Cycling UK’s Mountain Bike Leader course.

For First Aid Course details please see The Course Calendar.


£360 (£324 for Cycling UK members)
3 days