Coronavirus: guidance for individual cyclists and cycling groups

A cycling group in Birmingham enjoys a spring ride. Photo: Bob Hands, volunteer photographer
Cycling UK would like to thank all our volunteers, participants and supporters for following our guidance over the past two years

This document was updated on Wednesday 27 April 2022.

Statement from Cycling UK

As the national cycling charity, our aim is to support the UK’s population to cycle. This remains true during this period of coronavirus affecting the UK. Above all, the safety and welfare of Cycling UK’s staff, volunteers, participants at our rides and events, beneficiaries of our cycling programmes and the general public are always our main priority.

As the virus and its variants are still very much in circulation, Cycling UK encourages people to cycle but to do so in a manner which minimises the risk to themselves and others from it.

Cyclists should be sensible; for example, by keeping an eye on government guidance for their nation and Cycling UK’s own guidance, maintaining good hygiene practices, and not cycling with others if feeling unwell or told to self-isolate.

Thank you

Cycling UK would like to thank all our volunteers and participants, including event organisers, ride leaders, group committee members, Covid officers and everyone else who has helped organise and take part in the cycling activities over the past two years that have enabled thousands of people to access the tremendous health and wellbeing benefits of cycling at this particularly difficult time.


As of Friday 1 April, the government issued its Living with respiratory infections, including Covid-19 plan and therefore all forms of activity can take place with no coronavirus-related restrictions on how many people can participate, and all sports facilities can open.

Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Executive announced that all legal coronavirus restrictions were replaced by guidance from Tuesday 15 February.


All coronavirus restrictions have been lifted and replaced with guidance as of Sunday 18 April.

Specific guidance for cycling activity organisers has also been removed by sportScotland.


As of Sunday 18 April, Welsh government guidance is that face coverings in health and care settings are the only legal restriction remaining. This final restriction will be removed on Monday 9 May.

Events and gatherings

While formal coronavirus restrictions have now largely been removed, Cycling UK recommends that event organisers still consider ways to reduce transmission of coronavirus when undertaking risk assessments.

Further queries

Please see contact the Volunteering Team or call Cycling UK’s Groups Engagement Officer on 01483 238338.

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