#RideChangeLives challenge to keep the wheels turning for key workers

Cath, a WheelNess participant is a nursing support worker in the MacMillan cancer care suite at Raigmore Hospital
#RideChangeLives is a fun cycling challenge for everyone to get involved in, indoors or outdoors, no matter your cycling ability. 

What is #RideChangeLives?

All you need to do to take part is cycle 7 miles, donate £7 and nominate 7 friends or family to do the same. 

Your donations will support the charitable work of Cycling UK and will help us keep key workers’ wheels turning, so they can save lives and continue supporting vulnerable people across the UK. 

How can I get involved? 

Step 1: Cycle 7 miles (You can cycle indoors or outdoors to complete the challenge) 

Step 2: Donate £7 pounds to our Keep the wheels turning appeal 

Step 3: Nominate 7 friends or family to do the same 

Step 4: Don’t forget to tag us: Instagram @WeAreCyclingUK Facebook @CyclingUK and Twitter @WeAreCyclingUK, in your pictures of your cycle once you have completed the challenge.  

Can I cycle more than 7 miles? 

If you would like to cycle more than 7 miles and/or donate more, please do so. We encourage all cyclists to please adhere to the Government advice on daily exercise

Where will my donation be used? 

Your donation will support the charitable work of Cycling UK, all monies raised from this appeal will be used wherever the need is greatest. Cycling UK is committed to supporting health and social care workers and all key workers where possible in this time of crisis, through its membership and charitable aims. 

We would love to hear your stories and motivations for taking part in this challenge, please send your stories to cycling@cyclinguk.org