Cycle Magazine, June/July 2020

In this issue. Features: Help in the crisis - What Covid-19 means for Cycling UK, Escapism - The solace of solo cycling in lockdown, The right bike - Building up the bike that suits you best, Wheels up - How bikes are changing lives in Liverpool, Destination Kilimanjaro - Cycling to Africa's tallest mountain. Reviews and Previews: Gear Up - Components, accessories, and books. Bike test: Small gravel bikes - Surly and Kona’s 650B for five-footers, Adventure Flat White - An entry-level touring bike for £440. Regulars: Weekender - Family cycling in the New Forest. Cyclopedia - Questions answered and cycling topics explained. Travellers' Tales plus much more.

Reaching nearly 70,000 members Cycling UK's 'Cycle' magazine has the highest circulation of any cycling publication in the United Kingdom. Here's a snapshot of the June/July 2020 issue, so have a flick through. To receive 6 copies a year simply join Cycling UK.

The full version of Cycle magazine is now available to members online during the Coronavirus restrictions, please log in to view the full version.

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This is Cycling UK 477.6 KB
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You are Cycling UK 103.87 KB
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Gear up 365.83 KB
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Weekender: New Forest 379.35 KB
Feature: Wheels up 188.85 KB
Great rides: Destination Kilimanjaro 376.88 KB
Cyclopedia 255.63 KB
Know how 146.7 KB
Bike test: Small gravel bikes 9.31 MB
Bike test: Adventure Flat White 1.88 MB
Grouptest: Gravel Tyres 2.28 MB
Travellers' Tales 193.5 KB

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