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Welcome to the Cycle Advocacy Network

Do you want to help get more people cycling? Do you want to share the joy of riding a bike? Do you want to see real change - with separated cycle lanes, safer roads, and shops, offices and homes accessible by bike? So do we!

The Cycle Advocacy Network (CAN) brings together people with a shared interest in creating the conditions that enable more people to cycle, including better infrastructure for cycling and safer roads.

The CAN resources, events and tools on this page are open to all, and there are specific ways to get involved listed below. If you'd like more detail, please read the Introduction to the Cycle Advocacy Network - and join us on the journey to get more people cycling.

Resources for local campaigners

We have an easy-to-read campaigning handbook, an expanding toolkit of ‘how-to’ guides, links to Cycling UK’s views and briefings as well as suggestions of other people to link up with.

Resources for local campaigners

We have an easy-to-read campaigning handbook, an expanding toolkit of ‘how-to’ guides, links to Cycling UK’s views and briefings as well as suggestions of other people to link up with.

Latest actions

Action Summary Where/who Get involved

Don’t let Police Scotland scrap new dashcam safety portal

A vital new Police Scotland road safety tool allowing cyclists and responsible road users to upload camera footage of irresponsible driving is under threat. Use our new e-action to ask the Chief Constable to save it from being axed.



Tell your MP: don’t back-pedal on funding for cycling

Two years ago, the government supported an increase for funding for active travel. But instead of increasing the funding and moving up the gears this November, it looks like the government might back-pedal. Email your MP today using our editable template.



Cycling Framework for Scotland

The Scottish Government wants your views on a Cycling Framework and Delivery Plan for Active Travel. This follows the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland which ended in 2020. Cycling UK aims to provide a guide to responding to this consultation in the coming weeks.



Call for safe cycling and walking and reliable buses in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Greater Cambridge Partnership are consulting on the introduction of a sustainable travel zone. The Cambridge Travel Alliance has been formed to encourage people in the area to have their say, and to inform the conversation.
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Wrexham Active Travel Routes and Transforming Towns

Transport for Wales and Wrexham Council are working together to make it easier, safer and more convenient for people to walk and cycle in Wrexham. They would like to hear your thoughts to help guide the design of routes in the area.



Glasffordd Môn - proposal for a green corridor for walking, cycling and wildlife on Ynys Môn.

The Glasffordd Môn Steering Group is asking the public for their views on an ambitious plan to develop a green corridor for walking, cycling and wildlife on Ynys Môn. Their vision is to connect Newborough in the south to Amlwch in the north by creating a long-distance route linking communities along the way.
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Holyhead station improvement proposals

Currently, the Holyhead station scheme is going through WelTAG Stage 2 (Outline Business Case). The project team have arrived at a list of options to proceed with. This is your opportunity to comment on those proposals.



Influence your Union to campaign for active travel

Read (and be inspired by) Jill's story and then work out how you can use her proposal to the National Education Union as a starting point in your own union or professional body.

UK wide


Call for new housing to be cycle friendly

Cycling UK is concerned that the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill risks missing vital opportunities to create a planning system that provides genuinely affordable housing as well as protecting the climate, nature, and our future prosperity. Cycling UK is therefore calling on members and supporters to write to your MP.



Research and recover lost rights of way

There are thousands of historical rights of way were recorded incorrectly when councils were compiling their official maps in the 1950s. However, the public’s right to ride on them still exists. It hasn’t just disappeared because they’ve been marked incorrectly on a map. Discover and recover lost rights of way near you.
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England and Wales



Cycling champions

If you’ve ever spoken up for cycling, tried to influence your local council, or cycled your child to school, you're already a cycling champion.

Add your name to our growing community and receive information about upcoming events in CAN; including webinars and workshops, surgery advice sessions, and campaign action suggestions that will help you build momentum locally.


Volunteer roles

By volunteering for Cycling UK as a local rep or regional coordinator, you can maximise the impact you can have in your area.

Become a local representative of Cycling UK and join our forum for local campaigners. Ask questions, share advice, access the expertise of the hive mind.

Become a local representative



Whether you’re calling on your council for safer roads, working with local parents for routes to schools, building a local movement for active travel, opening up off-road access or responding to consultations - other people will be working on similar issues across the UK. Your time is precious, your insights are valuable. 

If you already have experience in local campaigning and want to help lubricating the chain links of the Cycle Advocacy Network, join us as a regional coordinator, providing support and oversight to local representatives in your patch.

Join as a regional coordinator

Local contacts in the Cycle Advocacy Network

Are you looking to speak up for cycling in your community? Do you want to connect with someone nearby?

This is a map of the local representatives in our growing Cycle Advocacy Network that have chosen to make their contact details public.

Select a map pin to find the details for people near you.

These are useful contact points who can support you with local campaigning issues.

If you are interested to find out more about becoming a Local Representative yourself, please email Cycling UK's campaigns officer, Stephen Dominy or apply online.