Last minute gift ideas for cyclists

Timber Bell, handwarmer, Wolftooth Masterlink Pliers
There’s still time to hit the high street and even get some online orders in, so don’t panic. And even if you're wrapped and ready, some little cycling extras can really go a long way, so check out our picks of stocking fillers for cyclists that aren't bike shaped pizza cutters or cycling top trumps, but things which are actually useful.

From the high street

Multi tool

Multi tool

We probably all know someone who's forever borrowing our multi-tool when out on a ride, so why not help them out with one of their own? They're an essential part of any cyclist's kit, and really along with a spare inner and pump should be taken on any ride you head out on. You don't have to break the bank with these, but ideally look for a good array of differing sizes for the allen keys and remember that longer rather than shorter keys can sometimes reach the places other tools just can't...need further inspiration, then check out our group test.



Repairing punctures on the road side can be a bit of pain with the traditional puncture repair kit, especially at this time of year when it's wet, windy and cold. A simpler solution are Skabs. Pre-glued patches, these can save you time and effort whether you're out on the road or trails. Just £4 from Halfords (Cycling UK members get a further 10% off), while not the most exciting of pressies, in the recipient's time of need they'll be singing alleluias in your name!

Muc Off gloves for mechanics

Muc Off mechanic's gloves

A theme is beginning to emerge here, but if there's one thing we all know about cycling is that at some point repairs are needed...and usually when our bikes are not at their cleanest. These gloves save you from mucky grease stained paws, while also being thin and sticky enough to make fettling with your bike as easy as if you weren't wearing them. Sceptics need not bother, but at £7 a pair these gloves are a worthy investment. 

Ass Saver / Crud Catcher

Ass Saver and Crudcatcher

Know someone who has finally stopped seeing the funny side of that muddy stripe/splatter up their back? Or perhaps you've had enough of eating their road spray...then why not consider a gift for which you can both benefit - an Ass Saver? Usually around £8 these can make quite a bit of difference, and might set the recipient on the rightful path to buying some mudguards in the near future. For the off-roadies, you might also consider a Crud Catcher.

Hand Warmers 

Penguin hand warmer

Some folk run hot, others run cold - and unless you're one of the latter you'll know how bad it can be. They're not making up their discomfort, so don't dismiss it - rather be a thoughtful pal and help alleviate their suffering with some handwarmers. Go one step further, and get a gift which keeps on giving with a re-usable one. I'm a big fan of this one from this reasonably priced (£10) one from John Lewis, less so because of performance, but more because it has Adelie penguins on it!   

Gels / Energy snacks

Clif bar medley

Remember when stockings used to contain tangerines and other such treats? Hark back to days of yore and supply some energy treats to help fuel those long post-Christmas rides! Shop around a bit and you can usually find some pretty good BOGOF deals too. Alternatively, have a go at making our easy to make granola bar!


Given the timing, it's unlikely these will arrive in time for next week, but they're still little treats worth thinking about and could be a pleasant surprise to perk up those who are really missing the festivities. 

Timber Bell

Timber bells

£24.99 for a bell is a lot, so it might be easier to justify as a gift for someone else rather than yourself. But don't be put off by the price, as the Timber Bell for off-road riding is really a neat invention. Heading down a trail where you need both hands on the steering? Flick the switch and this little bell will start tinkling like a mini-cow bell as it's shaken by the trail's vibrations. It's a friendly way to let folk know you're  there and means when you pop out of the trail your presence won't be such a surprise. I've had mine for several years now, and it's been money well spent. 

Happy Bottom Bum Butter

Happy Bottom Bum Butter

Vegan friendly, made from vegetable and nut extracts, this pleasant smelling balm for your bits can help prevent a bad ride experience from happening - or getting worse. Happy Bottom Bum Butter has a natural antiseptic quality which is also pleasant smelling too. Favoured by Gold medal winning Olympians and endurance athletes it's worth giving a go (assuming you use these things). Type in "Happy5" at the checkout to get a fiver off the 100g tub.  

Wolftooth Masterlink Pliers

Wolftooth masterlink pliers

This small lightweight set of pliers will get your gear fixated friends' excited. These Wolftooth Plyers make repairing your chain either on the trail in the workshop a bit easier. Thanks to the magic of magnetism, the pliers stay shut in transit and also hold two sets of quick links too, while the handle can also be used as a tyre lever if needs be, and a valve core remover. Coming in a variety of colours, they're a handy little gift that will bring a smile to the recipient's face. 

Cycling UK gift membership

If you're stuck for that last minute gift, don't forget you can purchase Cycling UK gift membership right up until midnight on Christmas Eve. Thanks to our downloadable certificate you'll not be stuck without a gift to give either! Then in the new year the recipient will also receive a special handmade phone case or wallet made from recycled inner tubes by Cycle of Good.