Video: How to wrap a bike

You’re armed with a bike, Sellotape, a roll of festive wrapping paper, scissors and faced with the task of wrapping a bike. But, it doesn’t have to be a challenge, as Santa popped in and showed us the best way to wrap a bike

Watch our video, showing you the best way to wrap a bike or you can just follow these quick steps.

1. Get all your wrapping equipment together

Gather together all your wrapping equipment in one room. You will need one 4m roll of festive paper as well as sticky tape, scissors, optional ribbons and bows and, of course, your bike.

2.Get your sticky tape ready

Cut out six 20cm strips of Sellotape and partially stick them to a table or window sill. When you are mid-wrap it’s always much easier to have the sticky tape pre-cut in advance to save you fighting with the roll whilst one hand is securing the paper together.

3. Measure your bike against the wrapping paper

Lean your bike upright and unravel the wrapping paper to measure the width of the bike. Next put this length of paper on the floor and carefully rest the bike on top of the paper, measuring it all the way around and then cut the paper here.

4. Stand your bike back up against the wall

Stand your bike back up against the wall and wrap the paper all the way around and use two strips of sticky tape to hold it together.

5. Place wrapping over the top of the roll

Unwrap the remaining paper and measure it over the top of the bike and cut off the right length. Place the cut off paper over the top of the bike and stick together using the remaining sticky tape.

6. Add the remaining embellishments

Add any additional ribbons or bows to give it the final touches, and keep leaned upright to prevent the paper ripping.


Why not lean your bike upright, find a blanket, place it over the bike and pop on a bow for that extra sparkle. 

How do you wrap a bike? Let us know your tips or upload a photo of your wrapped bike using the comments box below.