Bike Week is back

Bike Week delivered by Cycling UK is coming and it’s time to appreciate how cycling has brought us together during lockdown in the UK.

For many cycling provides a welcome hour’s relief which we have all needed, once a day, every day. 

Carbon emissions are down, new riders commuting to work by bike is up – it is one of the safest ways to get around. Cycling allows you to maintain your social distance and brings numerous benefits to your health and well-being, 

We want to make Bike Week - the nation’s annual celebration of cycling, something to remember in 2020. Lockdown is a time when everyone stopped for a moment to discover what was really important and we’re glad to see cycling made the cut. 

Experienced Bike Week advocates will be missing the chance to bring friends or colleagues together for a group ride – but we hope to keep everyone connected and enthused about how brilliant cycling is through a series of fun digital events, that focus on health and wellbeing. 

Our aim is to get as many people as possible out for a ride during Bike Week. We need you to come together to help get the nation cycling and show your support the NHS. Did you know if more people cycled, it would save the NHS 17 billion pounds over the next 20 years and increase the mobility of poor families by 25%?

Get involved

We are asking you to use you daily exercise ration to go for a bike ride. Do it once, twice or even seven times and let’s all put in a mammoth effort.

Tag your ride as #7daysofcycling between 6 and 14 June. Prizes will be given for the best rides photos or videos shared.

Lucy Watherston, Bike Week organiser

If you’re looking for inspiration check out the Bike Week website. During the #7daysofcycling we’ll be providing lots of encouragement, inspiration and advice that will help you make the most of heading out on your bike.

In addition, there are a series of online events to get excited about including a live session of yoga for cyclists, cycling mediations with more to be announced. 

And with more people already cycling we’re encouraging you to track and share your rides to inspire more people do so. 

Bike Week aims to bring the joy of cycling to millions of people throughout the UK. It’s a chance to recognise the power and influence it can have on health, wellbeing and the planet.  

As an organisation Cycling UK has been delivering Bike Week for 96 years and we won’t stop until we see all nations cycling. 

So spread the word and join us between 6 and 14 June to enjoy one, or seven days of cycling.