General election 2024

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Will the new UK government support better transport choices?

In the run-up to the general election in July 2024, Cycling UK engaged with candidates from all political parties to encourage them to pledge their support for healthy and sustainable transport choices. 

Making it easier for people to travel actively tackles so many problems: it's a proven way to improve public health, cut carbon emissions from transport, boost the local economy and reduce transport poverty.

Thanks to over 2,300 of you contacting your candidates before the election, we now have 26 MPs who have pledged their support for policies to:

  • Increase investment in active travel, ramping up to 10% of the transport budget within five years
  • Produce an integrated transport strategy designed to give people more transport choices
  • Improve the planning system by ensuring all new homes are required to have excellent cycling and walking networks

As well as those who took the pledge, there are many others who we had messages of support from, or offers to meet after the election.

Moving forwards

We'll be engaging with all of these MPs about what they can do to support more sustainable transport choices, and holding the next government to account on their manifesto commitments.

We can only do that with your support. 

By chipping in what you can, you'll enable us to:

  • Commission authoritative research about the power of more cycling to tackle some of our most pressing problems
  • Host engaging events at party conferences in the autumn, to bring more politicians on board
  • Strengthen the Cycle Advocacy Network to grow local campaigning influence in all four nations


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Cycling UK is an independent charity and non-party political. The objective of our general election campaigning is to ensure as many prospective parliamentary candidates as possible pledged their support for cycling in advance of the election.

Our general election manifesto