Review: Halfords Advanced 1800 Lumen Front Bike Light

Halfords Advanced 1800 Lumen Front Bike Light
Halfords Advanced 1800 Lumen Front Bike Light attached to bike
Powerful budget light that stays put on your handlebar

Halfords’ most powerful own-brand light is designed to be used on road and off. To that end it has two high-power LEDs with different lenses. The right-hand one has a wider, flatter beam to prevent dazzling drivers, while the left has a torch-like beam with a strong central spot to show the way off road. 

The three lowest settings – Eco (28 lumens), Low (270) and Medium (500) – use only the right-hand LED and lens. High (1,170) and Max (1,800) use both lenses, as do the three flashing settings. While you could run the light in High or Max on an unlit road, then switch to a lower setting on seeing another road user approaching, this is complicated by the lighting mode sequence: it’s a loop that goes one way. So to get to Low from High, you have to go through Max, the three flashing settings and Eco. You can’t just shut off the brighter lens, as you can with the Ravemen (below). 

But that’s this light’s only real weakness. It’s still effective on road and, more especially, off. It’s easy to swap between bikes as multiple brackets are supplied. These all use a Garmin-compatible quarter-turn mount and comprise: a rubber strap mount (only useful on road); a bolt-on out-front mount; a Go-Pro-style mount for fitting the light upside down to an out-front mount; and a bolt-on strap mount (pictured). Attachment brackets are usually the bane of budget lights. Not here. 

Top view of the Advanced 1800 Lumen Front Bike Light

The light itself is also well made. The body is CNC-machined aluminium and is waterproof to IPX5. A rubber cover hides the USB-C port used for charging. This port can also be used as an outlet, with the light’s batteries acting as a powerbank for your phone. 

The batteries are separates – a couple of 3,200mAh li-ions that are easily accessible. This has a couple of advantages over an integral battery: you don’t have to bin the light when the batteries die for good; and you can carry spare batteries and switch them on a longer ride. (A pair of Halfords Adv 1800Lm Spare Batteries costs £15.) 


A versatile and well-made front light that belies its £60 price tag. Its strongest features are its punchy off-road performance, the selection of sturdy brackets supplied and the swappable batteries that you can also use as a powerbank for your phone.

Other options

Ravemen PR1600 £139.99

Ravemen PR1600

Dual-beam 1,600-lumen light with a better ‘dipped’ option for roads and a remote switch. 

We have previously reviewed the Ravemen PR1600.

Lezyne Macro Drive 1400+ £100

Lezyne Macro Drive 1400+

Runs for an impressive three hours in 1,400-lumen max setting or 25 hours at 200 lumens. 

Rubber strap mounting. 

GoPro mount option and charging cable cost extra. 

First published in Cycle magazine, October/November 2023 issue. All information correct at time of publishing.

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Tech spec

Price: £60.
Weight: 256g with batteries installed.
Available from: Halfords.
Run time - Low: 6 hours 30 minutes.
Run time - Medium: 4 hours. 
Run time - High: 2 hours.
Run time - Max: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Pros and cons

+ Non-dazzle options
+ Good brackets
+ Inexpensive

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