Cycle magazine October/November 2023

Two women are cycling a side-by-side tandem trike across a bridge. They are wearing tracksuits and are smiling
In this issue. Features: An adventure unfolds, Built to last, Ride with us, The show on the road. Reviews and previews: Gear up – components, accessories and books. Bike test: Endurance road bikes, Ridgeback Expedition. Group test: Hip packs. Regulars: Freewheeling, Weekender – Across Scotland on the flat, Cyclopedia – questions answered and cycling topics explained, Travellers’ tales, plus much more

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Attachment Size
Cover 4.17 MB
Contents 1.21 MB
Freewheeling 1: You ride, bike tech and more 455.81 KB
Freewheeling 2: On my bike with Dave Walker and more 1.96 MB
This is Cycling UK 1: Chief exec column 1.11 MB
This is Cycling UK 2: Campaigns news, a word from Wales and governance 922.74 KB
This is Cycling UK 3: Groups, news from Northern Ireland and Scotland, and awards 1.24 MB
This is Cycling UK 4: Dashcam win, member benefits and access to bikes 975.1 KB
This is Cycling UK 5: Annual report 3.61 MB
This is Cycling UK 6: Annual report 683.89 KB
You are Cycling UK: Lydia Maxwell 679.7 KB
Shop window: Product news 1.48 MB
Gear up 1: Burley D’Lite X (single) 1.36 MB
Gear up 2: Restrap Tool Pouch & Tool Roll 1.24 MB
Gear up 3: Halfords Advanced 1800 Lumen Front Bike Light 950.08 KB
Book reviews: Bikepacking Scotland, The Bikepackers’ Guide to the World, The Life Cycle, Fellowship is Life 503.36 KB
Letters 1 514.94 KB
Letters 2 444.14 KB
Great rides 1: An adventure unfolds 4.99 MB
Great rides 2: An adventure unfolds 1.76 MB
Great rides 3: An adventure unfolds 1.94 MB
Great rides 4: An adventure unfolds 1.8 MB
Main feature 1: Built to last 2.96 MB
Main feature 2: Built to last 1.23 MB
Main feature 3: Built to last 770.07 KB
Main feature 4: Built to last 1.02 MB
Main feature 5: Built to last 722.17 KB
Weekender 1: Across Scotland on the flat 2.42 MB
Weekender 2: Across Scotland on the flat 2.59 MB
Main feature 1: Ride with us 2.49 MB
Main feature 2: Ride with us 1.68 MB
Main feature 3: Ride with us 2 MB
Great rides 1: The show on the road 2.82 MB
Great rides 2: The show on the road 2.63 MB
Great rides 3: The show on the road 3.4 MB
Cyclopedia 1: Q&As 606.16 KB
Cyclopedia 2: Q&As 586.23 KB
Cyclopedia 3: Bike finder – London commuter 792.7 KB
Bike test 1: Endurance road bikes 1.95 MB
Bike test 2: Endurance road bikes 1.51 MB
Bike test 3: Endurance road bikes 1.62 MB
Bike test 4: Endurance road bikes 1.55 MB
Bike test 1: Ridgeback Expedition 1.37 MB
Group test 1: Hip packs 1.39 MB
Group test 2: Hip packs 969.29 KB
Travellers’ tales 1: Scotland and the Netherlands 1.95 MB
Travellers’ tales 1: Spain and England 1.79 MB

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