Review: Restrap Tool Pouch and Tool Roll

Richard Hallett reviews Restrap’s Tool Pouch & Tool Roll
Richard Hallett tests two British-made saddle packs to see if they’re effective when it comes to carrying your tools and spares

Pouch or roll? These two saddle packs from Restrap use two different approaches for the task of holding and attaching to the cycle the various in-ride service items a cyclist may feel it prudent to carry.

Of the two, the Tool Pouch is the more road-bike orientated, with a neat appearance and, on the face of it, limited capacity of 0.6L. The Tool Roll looks capable of swallowing several lengthy, bulky tools rolled up inside its three internal pockets. Looks can, of course, be deceptive.

Constructed from stiff, rubbery Hypalon fabric, the 90g Tool Roll is divided vertically into three sections, with a flap running along the top facing inwards to cover what appear to be deep pockets. Lift the flap, however, and the end two compartments are stitched over, the only openings a couple of slits on the left and one on the right.

The idea, presumably, is to insert tools inside the slits and under the flaps to prevent them falling out. The middle pocket is barely covered by the flap and will only just accept the two carefully rolled 700×28C innertubes that go easily into the Tool Pouch.

Better to secure them using the quick-release strap on the front face of the middle pocket, although either way limits the capacity of the pocket itself.

The Tool Roll may work with long, slender objects such as individual hex keys or old-school, pressed-steel spanners but struggles with stubby items, which get in the way when folding it up. Once this is done, a wide elastic strap is pulled over from the back as a closure, and the whole attached to the saddle rails using an adjustable strap with a quick-release buckle.

Altogether more conventional, the 80g Tool Pouch has a deep, wide pocket large enough to accept two folded 700C innertubes, a small puncture repair kit and a multitool, with an internal netting wall to separate smaller stuff such as a spoke key, tyre lever or chain tool.

Made using a heavy-duty 1000D nylon outer that shrugs off dirt, with a lightweight nylon liner and thin foam padding between them, the pouch has a covering flap with extensive Velcro on the underside to ensure secure closure whether stuffed or lightly packed.

The adjustable retention strap is particularly effective and, with reflective detailing and a vegan-friendly label, completes a nicely thought-out product.


Getting both the details and overall layout right, the Tool Pouch is an effective and pleasing piece of kit. Unconventional in many respects, the Tool Roll is a niche product that may work well for the right buyer.

Other options

Altura Cycling Tool Roll £15

Waxed cotton, fabric roll-bag with deep, flap-covered pockets. Has reflective detailing and a Hypalon strap.

Topeak Aero Wedge – Strap Mount £17.99

Offered in four sizes, from 0.41L to 1.97L, the larger sizes (M and L) are expandable and also have a mini-pump mount.

First published in Cycle magazine, October/November 2023 issue. All information correct at time of publishing.

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Tech spec

Restrap Tool Pouch & Tool Roll

Price: £32.99 & £34.99.
Available from: Restrap.

Pros & cons

+ Roomy (Tool Pouch)
+ Secure (Tool Pouch)
– Limited volume (Tool Roll)