Review: Burley D’Lite X (single) child trailer

A black Surly mountain bike with a blue and black child trailer attached is leaning against a big log pile in a forest
Burley’s D’Lite X child trailer in use off road
Sam Jones – and his small one – tested this versatile child trailer with suspension and optional off-road wheels and found much to like

Cycle’s Bike Finder came to our family’s rescue by recommending the Burley D’Lite X when hunting for a means to transport our six-month-old. After two weeks of hiring one through Bike Trailer Hire, along with a Baby Snuggler, we bought the trailer secondhand – adding the optional 16×3.0 wheel kit (+£179) for off-road riding.

Ten months later the trailer has become an essential part of our weekly routine. We’ve been riding on trails, bridleways, byways and of course tarmac, largely on day trips but a tour in France is scheduled for later this year. Care is needed off road as capsizing is possible.

Comfort for its occupant is provided through an adjustable seat, those big tyres and suspension on the latter, which I’ve just set at max and not touched since. It’s rare to hear any wails from him, unless he’s woken from his nap by a big bump in the road!

Weighing in at 13kg, plus child, you’re likely to tow loads of at least 20kg that will only grow heavier over time. Fortunately, the trailer rolls well – better than any pram – and with low enough gears (or some e-assist) on the towing bike you can ride up most things.

The Burley D’Lite X child trailer shown attached to the back wheel of a bike

There’s space in the rear for storage but it’s not cavernous. With a fabric harness for the child’s seat, you’ll want to avoid anything pointy to prevent their discomfort. There’s a handy sunscreen, which works with a fine mesh for sunnier, hotter days, and a transparent rain cover for damper ones.

Be warned: without the rain cover, anything but full-length mudguards and flap will see your wee one get a face full of muck – which never happened with us, of course…

Bikes with QR skewers have a solid hitch that feeds onto the skewer. For thru-axles, contact Bike Trailer Hire and they should be able to sort you out. Depending on rear rack placement, you might struggle to attach the trailer, but overall the trailer is simple to fit, if awkward when you don’t have something to lean your bike against.

A flag and reflectors fore and aft help with visibility, and there are also tabs to fit rear bike lights. For transportation, it folds down fairly small. It’s easily done, with no tools required, so it’s ideal for car or train travel.


It’s an impressively made trailer that allows us to keep riding with the latest addition to our family. Care is needed off road, but its beefier wheels and suspension will tackle most terrain while keeping the small one comfortable and safe.

Other options

Thule Chariot Cross £949

Thule Chariot Cross child trailer

Similar weight, versatility of use, features and comfort to the D’Lite X, the Chariot Cross is more expensive but looks to pip it when it comes to boot space, which might make it better on tour.

Tout Terrain Singletrailer II Sport €1,720

Tout Terrain Singletrailer II Sport child trailer

This single-wheel trailer is favoured by mountain bikers and dirt-road family tourers. It needs to be imported – from, for example, German web-shop Bike-Components.

First published in Cycle magazine, October/November 2023 issue. All information correct at time of publishing.

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Tech spec

Price: £769+.
Weight: 13kg.
Available from: Bike Trailer Hire.

Pros & cons

+ Comfort
+ Rolls well
- Can tip over off road

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