Review: See.Sense ICON3 light set

See.Sense ICON3 front light attached to the handle bars of a bike
Bright, customisable lights with a ride-data-collection function

At first glance, See.Sense lights look like many other low-profile cycle lights on the market. A closer inspection of the technology inside the new ICON3 light set reveals a cycling accessory with the potential to change the riding landscape around us. 

These lights are an improvement on previous iterations of the Bluetooth-connected ICON lights, having 20% more power (575 lumens up front, 350 at the rear) and a wider (270 degrees) arc of visibility. Run time is a genuinely impressive 15 hours. Regularly using these lights for my commute, I went around three weeks before my first recharge. 

The ICON3 lights react to the environment around you. When traffic is approaching the lights’ flashing patterns are adjusted to make you more visible in the most essential moments. The long-lasting battery life is also bolstered by another unique feature: Get Me Home mode, which offers at least one more hour of run time to get you home safely even when your batteries are low. 

See.Sense ICON3 rear light attached to a bike seat pole with the light shining red

With Bluetooth connectivity, the ICON3 lights are easy to customise to get the lighting you want during your ride. But the thing that really sets these See.Sense lights apart is their data-collection function. Every See.Sense user has the option, via the company’s app, to turn on data sharing. 

This uses the lights’ patented sensor technology to monitor the environment around you, from surface quality, the stop-start nature of your journey and even near-miss events and collisions. This information is anonymised and can then be shared with highway authorities, such as local councils, to potentially improve road safety. See.Sense has already been involved in a number of cycling projects in Belfast, Coventry and Denver, Colorado. 

At £179.99, these lights are certainly not a budget option; you can find similar-power lighting for much less. But if you are looking for an ultra-connected, customisable set of lights that collect information that could be used to improve your local cycling environment, the See.Sense ICON3 lights might be the perfect match.


A minimalist-looking light set that packs a huge technological punch, and with truly standout battery life. Given the hefty price tag, these are best suited to the urban commuter who is invested in monitoring and hopefully improving local cycling journeys.

See.Sense ICON3 light set £179.99

Other options

Bontrager Ion Pro RT/Flare RT £159.99 

A powerful light set that offers 1,300 lumens up front, and with Bluetooth compatibility for customising your lighting options.

Bontrager Ion Pro RT/Flare RT light set

Lezyne Macro Drive 1400+/Strip Drive Pro 400+ £150 

The numbers in the name are the maximum lumens. The front light has a max run time of 300 hours(!) in its lowest setting. USB chargeable, but with no Bluetooth connectivity. 

Lezyne Macro Drive 1400+/Strip Drive Pro 400+ light set

First published in Cycle magazine, December 23/January 24 issue. All information correct at time of publishing.

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