Why summer is the ideal time to take up bikepacking

Head out for a wild camping experience this summer
Bikepacking, a hybrid of cycling and backpacking that combines the thrill of long-distance biking with the freedom of camping, is a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors

While enthusiasts enjoy this activity throughout the year, summer stands out as the best season to embark on bikepacking adventures – especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

Here’s why summer is the time to take up bikepacking

Ideal weather conditions

Summer provides the best weather for bikepacking... most of the time. The warm temperatures mean you can pack lighter clothing and gear, which leads to better comfort and mobility as you’re carrying less weight than you normally would in colder months.

Extended daylight hours give you more time to ride, explore and set up camp without the pressure of dwindling light. Additionally, summer’s more stable weather patterns usually offer fewer disruptions from rain, wind or cold, ensuring safer and more enjoyable journeys; as well as easier camp setups in non-harsh conditions.

Natural beauty and the abundance of wildlife and flora

The natural world is at its most vibrant during summer. Trails that were previously muddy become accessible, revealing breath-taking landscapes. This season transforms every ride into a scenic journey, making the effort and miles even more rewarding.

During the summer months wildlife is more visible and active, offering exciting encounters with animals in their natural habitats. Flowers in bloom are at their peak, with forests, meadows and mountainsides covered in lush vegetation.

Experiencing this vibrant natural world up close adds a unique dimension to your bikepacking trips during the summer.

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Extended daylight

One of summer’s biggest advantages is its extended daylight hours. Early sunrises and late sunsets provide ample time for long rides and leisurely explorations.

This flexibility allows you to take breaks, enjoy meals and explore off-route attractions without the rush to beat nightfall. More daylight translates to more opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Social connections

Summer is also the peak season for outdoor activities, meaning more opportunities to bump into and connect with fellow adventurers.

The increased number of bikepackers on popular routes builds a sense of community, providing chances to share stories and tips.

Summer also features numerous bikepacking events, races and meetups, allowing you to engage with a broader community, learn from others, and enjoy group rides.

Health and wellbeing

Bikepacking in summer offers significant physical and mental health benefits. The physical activity involved in cycling enhances cardiovascular health, builds muscle strength and improves endurance. 

Exposure to natural sunlight boosts vitamin D, which is essential for bone health and immune function. Additionally, being in nature and engaging in outdoor activities reduces stress, boosts mood and promotes overall mental wellbeing.


Start your bikepacking journey

Whether you’re seeking adventure, solitude or community, summer provides the ideal conditions for a memorable and fulfilling bikepacking experience.

So, gear up, plan your route and embrace the freedom and excitement of summer bikepacking. Enjoy every moment of the journey!

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