Explore your summer adventures using our hero routes

3 cyclists on the West Kernow Way route in Cornwall cycling on a path next to the sea
Summer holidays are just around the corner, and it's time to start planning your next great adventure.

For those of us who love the outdoors and enjoy the freedom of cycling, exploring the UK's beautiful landscapes on two wheels is an experience like no other. 

Discovering our hero routes

With our hero routes, you can discover some of the most breath-taking long-distance routes the country has to offer. These routes can be done in sections or as one epic bikepacking adventure! In this article, we'll discuss how you can plan your summer holiday around these incredible routes.

Our hero routes are carefully curated to showcase the best of Britain's scenery, culture, and heritage. From coastal trails to mountainous terrains, each route offers a unique adventure for cyclists of all levels


Planning your adventure

When planning your summer holiday around our hero routes, it's essential to consider various factors such as distance, terrain, and accommodation options. 

Start by browsing through our website, where you'll find detailed descriptions, maps, and route highlights for each of the seven hero routes. Take into account your fitness level and cycling experience when selecting a route, opting for one that aligns with your abilities and interests.

Assess your fitness and skill level

Before selecting a route for your summer holiday, consider factors such as the distance you're comfortable riding in a day, the elevation gain you can handle, and your experience with different types of terrain. 

Our hero routes vary in difficulty, so choose one that matches your abilities to ensure an enjoyable and manageable journey.

Research route options

Browse through the diverse range of hero routes available across the UK. Each route offers its own unique attractions, whether it's coastal views, historic landmarks, or picturesque countryside. 

Take the time to read detailed descriptions, study route maps, and consider the additional resources provided, such as the GPX files which are available for every route

4 cyclists on the Traws Eryri route in North Wales going through a gate with mountains in the distance

Consider accommodation/bikepacking and logistics

Once you've selected a route, it's time to plan your sleeping arrangements and logistics for the journey. 

Depending on the length of the route and your preferred pace, you may need to book overnight stays at campsites, bed and breakfasts, or hotels along the way. Check for accommodation options conveniently located near the route, to allow easy access after a day of cycling. 

For adventurers seeking a more immersive experience, consider bikepacking along your chosen route

Additionally, consider transport for getting to and from the starting and ending points of the route, whether it's by car, train, or bike-friendly public transport.

Prepare your gear and supplies

Proper gear and supplies are essential for a successful cycling adventure. 

Make sure your bike is in good condition, with tires properly inflated, brakes checked, and gears lubricated. Pack essential cycling gear such as a repair kit, spare tubes, pump, and multitool. 

Depending on the duration and remoteness of the route, you may also need to bring provisions such as water, snacks, and meals or plan stops at cafes, pubs, and grocery stores along the way. 

Don't forget to check the weather forecast and pack appropriate clothing layers, rain gear, and sun protection to stay comfortable in any conditions.

3 cyclists on King Alfred's Way route on an off road track cycling past bushes

Plan for safety and emergencies

Riding in a group is always safer as well as more sociable, but if you’re going solo we’d suggest using a ‘beacon’-style tracker on your phone or GPS so someone else can keep a virtual eye on you. It’s also important to share your itinerary with a friend or family member and carry a charged mobile phone for emergencies.

Familiarise yourself with local emergency contacts, including bike shops, medical facilities, and transportation services, and carry relevant maps or guidebooks for reference.

Where will the summer take you?

This summer, embark on an unforgettable cycling adventure across the UK's stunning landscapes with our hero routes. 

So dust off your bike, pack your panniers, and get ready for a summer filled with exploration, adventure, and endless possibilities.

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