DJ Dixon shares her passion for cycling around Birmingham

Lorraine Dixon is cyclist, ride leader, pastor, DJ and teacher in Birmingham
As part of our Women's Festival of Cycling, we're celebrating the efforts of female cyclist Lorraine Dixon, as she inspires women in Birmingham to get out and discover cycling.

Birmingham based cyclist, ride leader, pastor, DJ, wife and teacher, Lorraine Dixon is a great inspiration. Despite having many strings to her bow she has been running weekly cycling sessions around Birmingham for the last year.

Lorraine explains: “I love cycling and sharing the passion with other folks really. I’m it for the long haul – I love seeing my rides grow and develop. We are seeing more women join all the time which is a really positive thing as it is growing in popularity.

"At the moment cycling is so male dominated and I want to help make this more evenly enjoyed. It’s great that all cycling communities are working together and I enjoy being a member of Cycling UK. It’s about being involved in cycling and encouraging other people to do the same."

I’m out on bike so often that my husband tells me my bike is my mistress.”

Lorraine Dixon

Although Lorraine is now a keen cyclist and actively inspiring others to get on their bikes she hasn't always loved it as much as she does now. She recalls:

 “I cycled as a youngster, I didn't actually feel involved in the culture – I didn’t feel part of something. For about 11 years I stopped cycling because I moved to Birmingham, the roads were crazy and I just started driving. It was only last summer that I found out about what Joyful Bellas and Fellas was doing and was invited to come along. Joining that group really helped to build my confidence and made me feel a part of the cycling community. Cycling UK made the introduction for me and I later trained as a Ride Leader through the charity which was great."

Since then, Lorraine has gone on to inspire hundreds of women and children to gain confidence riding a bike and recently received the recognition of one of Cycling UK’s '100 Women in Cycling' nominees, celebrated as part of the Women’s Festival of Cycling.

Lorraine concluded: “I feel fully engaged with life – it’s really life changing, as a cyclist, ride leader and instructor encouraging people to enjoy cycling, stay safe in the community and help children cycle to school. I'm really looking forward to doing much more.”

Well done Lorraine, a true inspiration.