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Big Bike Revival Summer 2024, delivered in England 


Big Bike Revival is an intervention for adults, delivered across England. It is designed and informed by a robust theoretical behaviour change framework, the COM-B model. 

Established in 2014, the programme delivers an extensive events programme in England at a local level by community-embedded partners who are typically volunteer-led groups, social enterprises, not-for-profit organisations, independent bike shops and Cycling UK's Community Cycle Club network.


What's the aim and who's it for

The aim is to encourage the target audience of adults to learn how to cycle as beginners and motivate those cycling less often to cycle more frequently. Events focus on encouraging adults to cycle for short, everyday journeys, that present cycling as a practical, normal and habitual way to get around locally. Children are welcome to join events if accompanied by a participating adult, ideally one child per adult. Adults might for example be keen to learn how to cycle the school run or encourage their family to cycle as an economic and healthy way to travel for local journeys. 

Grant funding up to £3,500 per application is available to support the delivery of events. Applications are now open, from 04 March until 25 June 2024 and the delivery period is from 29 March until 31 October 2024.

Events are designed on the evidenced based FIX-LEARN-RIDE model and our event guides are an excellent place to begin planning your delivery.

We are always keen to hear from grant applicants to help us shape the delivery according to the local need, using expert knowledge, best practise and creativity. Describe your ideas in the application and explain how they would add value to the FIX-LEARN-RIDE model. 


Before applying

If you feel passionate about the above aims and would like to work with us, we'd love to hear from you. Before applying we recommend you find out more about the current programme and what is expected. Information can be found on our Website and we strongly recommend you read the Terms and Conditions agreement (especially schedules 1&2) to understand the level of commitment and expectations. In addition, our team of cycling development officers are happy to advise on your plans and answer any queries. Contact details can be found on our Website at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, the project team are happy to help too.  

Please note - to complete your grant application, you will need your bank account details to hand and be able to upload a copy of a recent bank statement and a signature.