The Real Yellow Jersey

The Real Yellow Jersey is awarded to exceptional people who have used cycling to change their lives and those of others.

What is the Real Yellow Jersey?

In the Tour de France, the yellow jersey has been worn by the overall leader since its introduction to the race 100 years ago in 1919. 

It is an iconic sporting symbol recognised throughout the world and held by only eight British riders in the tour’s 116-year history.  

Cycling UK’s Real Yellow Jersey recognises that cycling isn’t just about sport; it’s an everyday activity for leisure, transport and health, and part of a solution to many of society’s biggest problems from climate change and air pollution to obesity and mental health issues.

Real Yellow Jerseys have been presented to 10 everyday heroes, people who’ve transformed their lives through cycling and Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival programme.

Each ‘jersey knit’ garment took eight hours to complete. Created in canary yellow they are a stylish symbol of real cycling excellence.