The Pumped Up Crew are on the move!

Our brand new Pumped Up Crew of awesome volunteers have already been busy encouraging more people to cycle through the various small tasks we have set for them.

In just a couple of weeks since we launched our three Pumped Up Crew opportunities, we have now recruited nearly 100 individual volunteers, with some of them applying for all three roles as PROMOTE, PEDAL or PARTNER volunteers.  They have already contributed around 60 hours of volunteering between them and completed a total of around 60 tasks. With these roles, there is a range of simple tasks to choose from, whether it's promoting #PumpedUpToCycle on social media, taking friends or family out for a ride, researching local cycling provision or passing on details of our Back on Your Bike membership offer. More tasks will be added in the coming weeks.

What have they been up to?

Here's just some of the activities our volunteers have completed so far around the UK:

The PEDAL volunteers are simply requested to take a friend or family member cycling:

  • Roland went mountain biking with a friend in the Surrey Hills.
  • Jenny took a friend's daughter to ride around a car park to give her more confidence on her bike and played some fun cycling games.
  • Nigel has taken a family member and a friend on two different rides in the Plymouth area. 

She was so pleased. Another on the cycling road

Sheila, Pumped Up Crew member 

Sheila says: "I went to see a lady who had purchased an electric bike. Helped her set it up and taught her how to get on and off. She felt the bike was too big but it wasn’t. She has a number of ailments but she did about 1.5km up and down her lane getting on and off easily. Given her a task to do this most days. She was so pleased. Another on the cycling road."

Meanwhile, Phil says he took two of his children and three nephews in the age range 10 to 18 on a gravel ride in the New Forest. They tried some new routes, keeping it fun and not too testing. Graham has also been out helping the younger generation to enjoy cycling. He started to get his two grandchildren on their bikes and to enjoy the open countryside in Hampshire. He says he hopes to keep the encouragement going now that they have gone back to North Yorkshire.

Promoting #PumpedUptoCycle

Sarah, also from Hampshire, has been equally busy: she has posted a link to the Back on Your Bike £15 membership on her WhatsApp bike ride group and Rushmoor Cycle Forum. 

Mary is a PROMOTE volunteer, which involves sharing social media posts about cycling with the hashtag #PumpedUpToCycle. She has tweeted about the West Midlands Roll and Stroll campaign using #PumpedUptoCycle and also used #PumpedUptoCycle on a Facebook post about the Starley Network.

We're looking forward to hearing about many more of the Pumped Up Crew volunteers over the coming weeks and months. 

How to get involved

Join the Pumped Up Crew yourself and find out all about the exciting tasks on offer. You will have the option of selecting a FREE Pumped Up Crew T-shirt in one of three stunning colours: Purple, Yellow or Pink in S, M, or L sizes (subject to availability). Crew members who complete three or more tasks will also receive a virtual Certificate of Thanks from Cycling UK. 

You can also subscribe to our Pumped Up newsletter to find out more news and information about the campaign.