Pumped Up to Cycle

What is Pumped Up?

Pumped Up is how we feel when we jump in the saddle. We want you to be Pumped Up for cycling too.

It’s about celebrating the joy of the bike across our towns, cities and countryside and reminding people about the fun and freedom that cycling unlocks.

The coronavirus crisis gave us a glimpse of what the future could hold as people stayed home, breathed cleaner air and found solace in quietness, nature, and on a bike.

Dusty cycles were resurrected from garden sheds and garages. Tyres were pumped, saddles adjusted and chains oiled.

Some rode for exercise, others for escapism and their mental health; some to pick up milk and others to feel alive.

Pumped Up is about inspiring everyone to enjoy that special thrill and freedom of riding a bike, and whether you’re already a dedicated cyclist who can inspire your friends and family to ride or you’re just starting out and need some advice and inspiration, we want you to be Pumped Up to cycle with us.

Pumped Up Crew

We all need a little help in life. That’s why we’re launching the Pumped Up Crew, a team dedicated to inspiring more people to ride - and we want you to get involved.

There will be three different opportunities depending of the amount of time you’re able to commit: a promote role, shouting about Pumped Up through social media and word of mouth; a pedal role, committing to putting on a ride or inspiring a friend of family member out on their bike; and a partner role, to help out at an event such as a maintenance session or manning a Cycling UK stall.

Find out more about each of these exciting roles how you can get involved by clicking on the links below.

Meet the Pumped Up Crew
Start cycling
Fix your bike
Women's Festival

Pumped Up Portraits

We’ve travelled the length and breadth of the UK to find people from all ages and backgrounds who are Pumped Up to cycle.

They ride all sorts of different bicycles and cycle for many varied reasons.

But one thing they have in common is they’re all Pumped Up to cycle.

Click below to view their Pumped Up Portraits and read their stories.

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