New 6 month membership package

Back on your bike!

If you’ve recently discovered the joys of cycling or are starting to ride to work, we’ve got everything you need to help you on your journey.

The Back on your bike bundle is only £15 for six months and includes everything you need to help you feel more confident on your recreational ride or commute.

* 6 months offer. Terms and conditions apply.


What's included


3rd party liability insurance and free legal advice

We all cycle with the intention of keeping safe and avoiding incident, but occasionally unfortunate things can occur, even if you may not be at fault – you could, for example, have unintentionally damaged a car, or caused injury to a pedestrian or fellow cyclist.

Cycling UK's £10m third-party liability insurance with Butterworth Spengler makes sure you are guarded against claims made by others for any accidental damage caused by you or your cycle. Our 24-hour incident line gives you access to free legal advice. Butterworth Spengler are the leading consumer-law firm, with cycling accident specialists across the UK.

One month free bicycle insurance and 15% off for a further year is provided by CycleSure; insurance covers multiple cycles of any value. Includes breakdown cover, worldwide bicycle cover and more.


Retail benefits
  • 10% off Halfords, Freewheel, Cycle training courses.
  • 15% off Cotswold Outdoor, Cycle Surgery, Runners Need, Bike Register security marking kits ,Snow and Rock.
  • 50% off YHA membership which entitles you to a further 10% off accommodation, Discount Cycle Network and a Singletrack online and print subscription.
  • Free Komoot region bundle.
  • Once you are a member you will have online access to the discount codes and offers.