How to be a champion for diversity – Cycling UK’s new group volunteering role

Be a champion for diversity in cycling. Photo: Wayne Fox
Could you be a champion for diversity? Find out about our exciting new role for cycling group volunteers

Cycling UK is committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion in cycling, so we are delighted to announce a new role for our group volunteers: diversity champion.

The diversity champion is imperative for group development and education around diversity and inclusion as part of our commitment as an organisation to enable people from all walks of life to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Championing diversity is an important role, particularly in encouraging people from a variety of backgrounds who are currently underrepresented, to enjoy being part of a cycling group, made to feel welcome, and inspired to immerse themselves in group activities.

This exciting new role is open to anybody who rides with a Cycling UK group or club and our diversity champion Toolkit contains the resources you need to find out why the role is important, and how to fulfil it.

We also have an optional diversity champion training module, with equality and inclusion expert Aneela McKenna, as well as Unconscious Bias with Inclusive Employers - please contact us if you would like to access these.