Cycling UK volunteer satisfaction survey results

Volunteers are vital to the work of Cycling UK, enabling millions more people to cycle. Photo by Joolze Dymond
The wellbeing of our volunteers as they carry out the vital work of encouraging more people to enjoy the benefits of riding a bike is very important to Cycling UK. A recent survey of our lead group volunteers revealed how satisfied they are

We recently spelt out the many benefits of being a volunteer with Cycling UK. Now, we can back these up with some facts and figures gleaned from our recent survey of nearly a hundred of our leading cycling group volunteers. 

For the second year in a row, we conducted a survey into their wellbeing and satisfaction with their volunteering roles at Cycling UK.

The questionnaire, which was sent out at the end of January 2021, was aimed at people with primary responsibility for running either as Secretary of a Cycling UK Member Group or as the main contact of one of our nearly 800 affiliated cycling groups and Community Cycling Clubs.

I enjoy volunteering for such an outstanding organisation

Cycling UK volunteer

Most volunteers have been in their roles for an average of eight years - one has been Secretary for an amazing 40 years. Whilst running their local groups, around half also consider themselves to be volunteers for Cycling UK.

Of those that have been performing their roles for more than five years, 60% are happy to continue, although a third say they will carry on because no-one else has offered: "Having a position as Secretary in our local Cycling UK group has been very useful, providing a focus for some activities and learning," said one volunteer.

A resounding 83% are aware of the resources and support offered to volunteer-led groups by Cycling UK: "Tom Page, Cycling UK's groups engagement officer, pointed me to some very useful toolkits and I've used some of the resources in Team meetings."

Would they recommend volunteering for Cycling UK?

70% would recommend volunteering for Cycling UK:

  • "It's very rewarding being part of Cycling UK."
  • "Roles can be tailored to individual skills and commitments. It's an opportunity to give and help grow the cycling community."
  • "A great opportunity to develop skills, enjoy activities that you are passionate about, get outdoors with improved health and wellbeing."
  • "I enjoy volunteering for such an outstanding organisation."
  • "For normal/everyday cycling (social, fitness, commute, holidays), Cycling UK is undoubtedly the organisation to support and volunteer for."
  • "It's an opportunity to give and help grow the cycling community."

How satisfied are they with their lives overall?

We also asked our awesome volunteers some questions, based upon figures used by the Office for National Statistics, about their overall satisfaction and happiness with life.

Happily, nearly 90% feel satisfied or very satisfied with their lives overall, despite the impact of coronavirus: "Lockdown this has curtailed my planned-for-retirement activities but I'm slowly getting my head around it and modifying expectations," one Volunteer told us.

How satisfied are they volunteering in cycling?

85% of our volunteers feel the things they do in their lives are very worthwhile or worthwhile, while 77% feel the tasks they undertake in their volunteering roles, despite little or no group riding activities or events this year, are worthwhile or very worthwhile:

  • "They are necessary to keep us safe and promote cycling."
  • "It gives me a sense of purpose, something to do for my cycling club."

One respondent commented they were: "Pleased to be involved with local Cycling UK group and my current role as ride leader and Secretary." Another answered: "Cycling has helped considerably to keep me sane (if that's what I am!) and having a position as Secretary in our local Cycling UK group has been very useful, providing a focus for some activities and learning."

Gender and sexual orientation

The make-up of our lead volunteers in terms of gender is consistent with the average number of cyclists in this country: three-quarters are male but Cycling UK is working hard to redress this imbalance with initiatives like our Women's Festival of Cycling. Our network is also not yet diverse in terms of ethnicity or sexual orientation, something else we're striving to change by supporting other campaigns such as Stonewall's Rainbow Laces and Black History Month - check out the Diversity Champion's Toolkit for ways to do this in your own area. 

Would they recommend volunteering for Cycling UK?

Finally, around 70% of survey respondents would recommend volunteering for their local groups and Cycling UK. If you are looking for an activity that will give your life more meaning and a greater sense of wellbeing, contact your local Cycling UK group to see what roles they have on offer or take a look at our latest volunteer opportunities