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Paved path with bollards on each side
This paved road alongside the old bus station known as the "Yellow brick road"

With the opening of the new Bus Interchange, the old bus station site is to be redeveloped as an event space for an interim period until further development takes place as part of the regeneration of Stevenage Town Centre.

At the meeting of the Stevenage Borough Council Planning and Development Committee on 22nd June 2022, the planning application was passed with the following caveat:

"To safeguard pedestrians and other road users, the yellow brick lane should not be used by cyclists."

This caveat was introduced by committee members at the actual meeting, and was contrary to the planning documents which had clearly identified a spine along Danestrete between Danesgate and Westgate for cyclist access.

Subsequently, Cycling UK Stevenage were invited to submit a response to the Traffic Regulation Order that is required to make this change.

Our response to this informal consultation stage is attached below.

The next stage will be a formal consultation on the Traffic Regulation Order.

UPDATE - Stevenage Borough Council have now confirmed that they will not go ahead with the new TRO

This means that the current arrangements where cycling is allowed only after 6pm and in a northbound direction only will remain in place.

Cycling UK Stevenage will now continue to campaign to have cycling allowed in both directions throughout the day.


Cycling UK Stevenage have submitted a further response as will national officers from Cycling UK. Cycling UK response to formal consultation 5/10/22

Individuals can contribute to the consultation by writing to Mr Liviu Azoicai at tro@stevenage.gov.uk or Stevenage Borough Council, Daneshill House, Danestrete, Stevenage SG1 1HN

  • Responsible cyclists are not a danger to pedestrians - we share mixed use paths throughout Stevenage.
  • Danestrete is a crucial access route for shops, workplaces and residences in the Town Centre.
  • The Old Great North Road cycle route alongside the Leisure Centre has recently become a paved shared use area.

Further details can be found at https://www.stevenage.gov.uk/parking/traffic-regulation-orders/proposed-traffic-orders

Key documents are attached below.

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