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About us 

We are the local group of the national Cycling UK organisation and cover the postcodes SG1 to SG8 

Our led rides include ABC rides for beginners along with half-day, evening, and all-day rides for more experienced cyclists. 

We run various special cycling events and social activities throughout the year. 

We run Stevenage Cycle Campaign as part of the Cycling UK Cycle Advocacy Network 

Information about the group rides 

We are relaunching our regular rides program and at the same time introducing a change to the organisation of the rides.

We are changing the description of the rides so that it will be easier for cyclists to choose a ride that is suitable for their needs.

We are particularly keen to enable more people to volunteer as Ride Leaders; to start with we will be putting on a selection of rides that will be limited to 8 cyclists on the road as a group.

Initially there will be 5 different rides, further details can be found on the links below:

For each different ride we are looking for a group of Ride Leaders to develop the character of the ride. As we get more cyclists wanting to ride it is important that we have more Ride Leaders. We will be looking for each group to develop Ride Leaders so that when more than 8 cyclists want to participate there will be enough Ride Leaders to accommodate everyone cycling in groups of no more than 8 on the road together. Ride Leader training and support is available.

Each ride type will have its own page on the Cycling UK Stevenage website for communication about the rides to our members. This will have a description of the ride, distance, speed, start and end time which in general should be the same for all rides of that type. There will also be information about each individual ride so that cyclists will know who to contact to book on the ride and what the destination will be. The rides will also be advertised individually on the website, each on its own page.

As this system develops the types of rides we offer will widen to increase our offer for riders of a range of experience and ability.

It is expected that some Ride Leaders will lead rides of more than one type and so be involved in more than one planning group.

We want you to be involved, please contact us to find out more details




Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19