A cycle powered coronavirus recovery

England: Write to your council to support a cycle powered recovery

Across the UK, the coronavirus lockdown in spring triggered a nationwide boom in cycling. As traffic dropped and the roads began to feel safe for cycling, people of all ages and backgrounds got out on their bikes.

But by mid-October, traffic levels in Great Britain were up to almost 100% of pre-lockdown levels - despite only 59% having returned to their offices at that point, with congestion crippling towns and cities throughout the country.

Reallocating road space for cycling and walking helps move people around towns and cities, is proven to boost local businesses and will be vital for our economic recovery.

It’s also widely supported by the public.

However, some sections of the press continue to suggest cycle lanes are the root cause of everything from pollution to struggling high streets. Everyone can play their part in making such local authorities and central Government push ahead to support a cycle powered recovery.

Worse than Covid? How do cycle lanes really affect towns and cities?

Support a cycle powered coronavirus recovery

In England, the Government has just allocated £175m to local authorities to take steps to reallocate road space for walking and cycling. While this is far from the funding needed, it’s at least a start, and you can help make sure the money is well used by writing to your council today.


England: Help get cycle lanes in your area

See how much your council has been allocated on the map

In Scotland, we worked with key partners to successfully lobby for funding for Spaces for People. We’re delighted that every local authority has received funding, but progress varies from council to council – check out the map below to see how your authority to doing, and check out our latest blog on how you can help get more Spaces for People in your area.

In Wales and Northern Ireland, early progress saw reallocation of road space in Cardiff and Belfast, but there’s much more to be done, and we’re continuing to lobby the respective Governments to go further and create more space for cycling and walking. Keep an eye on our Wales and Northern Ireland pages for updates.