Ten common questions about cycling, with answers

Cycling to school
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Have you ever been put on the spot by someone who's not very sympathetic to cycling?

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Health, collisions, pedestrians, reputation, road positioning and behaviour, regulation, tax, helmets, hi-vis and the strong case for investing

Q1: Why is cycling so healthy?

Q2: Who contributes most to collisions between cyclists and drivers?

Q3: Who puts pedestrians most at risk?

Q4: Do cyclists deserve a good reputation?

Q5: Why do cyclists sometimes ride in the middle of the lane, ride two+ abreast, suddenly swerve, shun cycle paths etc.?

Q6: Why are compulsory licences and number plates for cyclists & cycles such a bad idea?

Q7: Why would it be unfair to tax people for cycling?

Q8: Why would making helmets compulsory be another bad idea?

Q9: What about making hi-vis compulsory, then?

Q10: What’s cycling’s potential, and why is it such a good investment?


2022-05-23 00:00:00 Europe/London