Why we’re asking for your help to encourage women to cycle

Clair Goddard
Clair Goddard (far right) getting more women cycling
Cycling UK has launched a challenge to ask everyone who currently cycles to pledge to take a non-cycling female friend or family member out on a bike in July

Why do we need a pledge?

Fewer women in the UK cycle than men; in fact, men make almost three times as many cycling journeys as women and travel more than four times as far.

The Women’s Festival of Cycling runs throughout the month of July and creates opportunities for women to get out on their bikes by joining women-only or women-friendly rides taking place around the UK.

But we still need your help to get more women out on their bikes.

A recent poll revealed that friends and family members are the most important influence when it comes to inspiring women to start cycling. So if you already cycle you can really make a difference by getting someone else out on a bike.

What we’re asking you to do

Most of us know someone who doesn’t cycle at all. All we’re asking you to do is pledge to get just one non-cycling woman out on a bike this July.

Take a moment to fill out our online pledge, tell us who you pledge to take cycling and then ask them to join you for a ride.

You could suggest going to the shops, doing the school run or a ride in a local park. Often all someone needs is a spark of inspiration to rekindle their love of cycling.

Right now only around one million women (1.5% of the UK population) regularly cycle, with your help, we can double that number.


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