On a bicycle made for two - Tandem use surges during lockdown

Tandems are both fun and fast. Photo provided by the Tandem Club
Often seen as old fashioned or just a novelty, tandems are seeing a huge surge in use during lockdown. Volunteer groups engagement officer, Thomas Page investigates.

Cycling as a pair can make or break a relationship if one rider is fitter than the other due to a mismatch of speed and endurance. No one wants to be the one dragged along, or left behind and a slow pootle can be very frustrating for those mile munchers out there. 

Enter the tandem, the perfect solution for cycling duos!

We are seeing a big jump in new members joining the Tandem Club in lockdown.

Peter Weeks, publicity officer, Tandem Club

With both riders pedalling together and a fraction of the weight and wind resistance of two separate bikes, you'll be surprised at how quickly those miles fly by. As well as being a very social and fun way for a pair to cycle together, tandems are also a great way for visually impaired and disabled riders to travel.

The coronavirus lockdown has seen a huge surge in bike sales in The UK and tandems have been very much apart of this boom. “We are seeing a big jump in new members joining the Tandem Club in lockdown” says Peter Weeks, publicity officer of the Tandem Club. 

“Some are joining because they are a couple who want to cycle together but one is a faster cyclist, so a tandem is the answer.  Others are getting their old cobwebby tandems out of the shed. We have even had former members who have dug their tandem out of the back of the garage and rejoined the Tandem Club.”

The Tandem Club is an Affiliate Group of Cycling UK. They have local groups across the UK. Visit their page for more information or to get in touch.